Welcome to Soul Purpose Mastery with Soraya.

On this site you can purchase music for peace, meditations, holistic retreats, aroma yoga and workshops as well as Aromatherapy information with Young Living Essential Oils and health products.

My wish is for you enjoy the inspiring information and blogs to assist you in reaching a state of balanced health and discover and live your natural Soul Purpose.

INDIA RETREATBook a Soul Purpose Mastery Consultation with Soraya to assist you in an area of your life where you feel out of alignment with your soul purpose of living love.

Harmony with your higher divine self requires physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. When we are in conflict in an area of our life then there is struggle and wastage of valuable energy. The aim of SPM is to locate the source of your imbalance and restore alignment to universal loving energy. This may involve meditation, prayer, dietary changes, forgiveness,  and soul release work. In this way we can release the past trauma, recognise and embrace the gifts we have learned and become more creative and productive in the present.



Holistic, Intuitive and Practical  approach

“It’s no good giving you my heart  because you already have this.  I brought you a mirror to look at yourself and remember me “..RUMI

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