Welcome to Soul Purpose Mastery with Soraya

Soul Purpose Mastery is offered as an inspirational site for those wishing to deepen  inner peace and self-love, and  thus ability to remain in a state of presence while living life from an awakened heart with intelligence and rationality. Here you will find events, webinars, classes, blogs, meditations and products that will support your journey to living love.

Can we flow with the River of life… Streaming Love? Swim with it – Merge with it – Drink of it – Our Aim is to be in constant flow with Love…with Life… Soraya’s Musings….Soul Purpose Mastery

On this site you may:

  • Connect with our expanding Community by joining Soul Purpose Mastery courses, Yoga or Meditation classes, Events and Retreats locally on the Sunshine Coast.
  • or become part of a Global Community by joining online Webinars on Soul Purpose Mastery, Yoga and Meditation or enjoy our Essential Oils Community online learning about Natures Aromatic Medicines as one of our Young Living Essential Oils family.
  • Read Inspirational blogs; about health, Meditation, Spirituality and Soul Purpose, Essential Oils as natures medicines, Natural Healing and Overcoming Grief.
  • Choose to join us on an exciting Retreat to assist you in living a fulfilled life of love and joy.
  • Book a Soul Purpose Mastery Consultation with Soraya to assist you in an area of your life where you feel out of alignment with your soul purpose of living love.
  • Purchase Guided Meditations and beautiful Music, Mantras and Songs for peace.

Holistic, Intuitive and Practical approach

“It’s no good giving you my heart because you already have this. I brought you a mirror to look at yourself and remember me” (RUMI)