With over 30 years in the wellness industry Soraya inspires clients towards embracing presence and living a life they love with a Balanced Holistic approach through Music Meditation, Mindfulness and Mantra Retreats in India and Australia, Soul Purpose Mastery Courses, Webinars and Personal Consultations.

Soraya an international teacher, writer, musician is currently completing the authoring of a moving and empowering personal memoir  ‘From Grief to Gratitude’.  After the loss of her brother and teenage son Prem to suicide, Soraya entered a period of deep soul searching during which she felt a strong calling to share her own journey of self realisation from grief to a state of profound love for all people with gratitude for all that is.
Combining clear wisdom with her refreshing and joyful personality Soraya shares deeper insights and understanding to offer us a greater capacity for success in all areas of our lives. Achieving a calm and peaceful but awake mind together with a healthy body we may align with our soul purpose and enjoy this dance of life.
Together with her husband world acclaimed musician and composer Terry Oldfield, Soraya offers transformational Retreats in India and Australia which are designed to support others on their journey back into the light of love.


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Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati