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Mangalam Meditation Retreat

Music | Meditation | Retreats

in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Mangalam Meditation Retreat

Soraya Saraswati & musician husband Terry Oldfield welcome you to Mangalam Meditation Retreat. Surrounded by nature Mangalam lies between Palmwoods and Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Mangalam’s birdsong and forest surrounds is the perfect setting to unplug, relax, unwind and be supported with your inner journey. 

From weekly classes and private TRE or Mentoring or Yoga Therapy consultations, to monthly Sunday music afternoons there is plenty to choose from. Our day or live-in retreats and workshops may offer you a deeper experience.

Or, take the option to stay for 2 day or weeklong personal retreat at our recently opened Mandala Cottage. Mangalam has an abundance of offerings for all.

Overcome the effects of Trauma  
Live in Peaceful Presence

If you've landed here then you're ready for real change. To choose to overcome effects of bodily held tension & trauma.
And connect with your true essential nature.

perhaps life's feeling Overwhelming

And you just don’t know where to start first. Everything in your life has led you to this moment, to this page. And, if willing, to make some empowering changes toward freedom.

I get it, after my brother, then son took their lives I was there too. I struggled with all the what if’s and if only’s of grief and loss too. Now after some deep realisations I am free. And I love to share all that led me to abide in a state of joyful and peaceful presence.

Suffering from held grief & unresolved trauma can point us to ask some very big questions.

And so it should.

Questions that help us realise we are more than the limited self-defeating beliefs. To discover ourself to be far greater than we ever could have imagined. That is, before we believed false and sabotaging thoughts that told us otherwise. 

A shift in perspective
Be the Change

Imagine living in a state of natural peace with no resistance to the arising moment. Acceptance of whatever is happening right now ‘as it is’ can set one free.

To rest back into presence awareness as if you are resting back in a comfortable armchair, relaxed, calm, open, fully alive, fully present – ready to experience the show in the unfolding moment.

It doesn’t mean that life will be instantly perfect. Challenges will still be there – but we will deal with life differently, moment by moment.

Listening, feeling, seeing whatever is arising in each moment…as it is.

First, we need to re-cog-nise our attachment to certain patterns, desires, programs, beliefs and fears. And to realise that we are NOT our thoughts, fears, attachments, cravings or aversions.

We are the aware presence – the silent witness of awareness.

True embodiment is an important part of this coming home to self. Feeling comfortable in our own skin. Our offerings include mindfulness, yogic breath-work, TRE tension & trauma release, live healing music and an understanding of our energetic or subtle makeup. These processes bring us home to a whole new understanding of the age-old question, who am I?

What is offered here is simple, honest and holistic if you are ready for change

Our forest retreat on the Sunshine Coast is nestled between Palmwoods and Montville. Mangalam Retreat offers monthly music afternoons with Terry Oldfield and Soraya – divine flutes and sacred songs. Retreats offered are aimed at heart awakening and overcoming trauma and old patterns through TRE (trauma release exercises), meditations, lessons of the chakras with Satyananda style yoga, mindfulness and yoga nidra. You may wish to join us on one of our international retreat in India.

Mangalam Retreat hosts, classes, courses, day and weekend music – chai & chat Sundays, meditation and mindfulness retreats as well as personal or group sessions with Soraya Saraswati

July 19 @ 10:00 am - July 21 @ 3:00 pm
Friday, 19-Jul-2024
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
AWAKENING HEARTS RETREAT A truly transformational Retreat Join Soraya Saraswati  and Terry Oldfield in a deep dive into heart based living nourishing body, mind and spirit....
Mangalam, 32 Country Road
July 21 @ 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Sunday, 21-Jul-2024
02:30 pm-04:30 pm
Sacred Songs, Mantra Singing and Meditation Sunday afternoon Gatherings Terry Oldfield and Soraya Sunshine Coast Sunday music meditation and mantra gatherings combine the group singing of...
Mangalam, 32 Country Road
November 12 - November 26
Tuesday, 12-Nov-2024
All day
Join our India Pilgrimage 2024 in the Himalayan Foothills, India. Traveling to Ashrams, meditation caves, and temples along the Holy Ganges River in November 2024. This...
INDIA, Various Destinations


Mangalam is 1 hectare of land which Terry and Soraya have been transforming into  a food forest. Over the past 12 years with organic permaculture and syntropic farming principles we’ve created a jungle. With meditation grooves and paths through leaf and flower it is wonderful to wander through the gardens or sit and enjoy natures simple gifts.

Mandala Yoga Cottage  is a newly renovated self-contained Cottage offering a tranquil getaway with lush organic forested surrounds. 

Take your practice to the next level with a personal retreat.  Select from optional extras such as private yoga therapy or a meditation class with your host Soraya. 
Have some time out and enjoy the local waterfalls & forest walks or the peaceful garden surrounds.

Courses offered at Mangalam are aimed at heart awakening and overcoming trauma and old patterns through TRE (trauma release exercises), meditations, lessons of the chakras with mindful gentle yoga, mindfulness and yoga nidra. Soraya hosts courses and mentorships at various times throughout the year with both online and in person options. 

Awakening Hearts live-in Retreats

Awakening Hearts Retreats at Mangalam on the Sunshine Coast. A deep dive into living AWAKE

Awakening Hearts Mentorship

A 3 or 6 month journey living from the Heart for peace, purpose & prosperity.

TRE Shake it Off
Free To Be Me

Personal sessions in TRE to release Tension & Trauma. Yoga, breath, TRE & Yoga Nidra Classes

These simple, honest, holistic offerings hosted by Soraya, will  to help you rest back into present awareness. They will give you the tools to live in a state of natural peace with no resistance and an acceptance of what is happening right now and allow you to discover the magnificence of your true being. 


Yoga & Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

1-1 & Group Classes

No two classes are the same, however each is deeply transformative, meditative and with an emphasis on mindful presence

1-1 Sessions & Courses

TRE was developed to assist the body in releasing deep neurological and muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma.

Meditation Sessions &  Kirtan

Terry and Soraya have travelled the world sharing their music, mantra and meditation retreats. Terry’s amazing flute magic is transformative.

Free Resources

Soraya has curated a selection of free tools, articles and resources to help you on your journey to overcome trauma. 


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TRE Trauma Release Story

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soraya saraswati

“To be free, first we need to clear the story of me. Clear our trauma story and the associated patterned and reactive behaviours. We retain our unique character but without the limitation of unconscious unexpressed vrittis  (whirling and fluctuations of the mindstuff). And as we become clear of past samskaras (psychological imprints) we are more available to this moment, to presence.” Soraya 💛

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