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Shining Through: From Grief To Gratitude “This book is a priceless gift from a courageous, beautiful soul and a shining beacon for our troubled modern world."


Soraya Saraswati: author, non-dual teacher

Namaste and Welcome…As an author and teacher I offer my work, developed over a life of seeking for, and now living with the experience of inner freedom.
Struggle, or resistance to presence is an experience of the past and it can be for you also.
After a long career of teaching yoga and philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, life-coaching and working as a naturopath, life has now become very simply.
Remaining in flow by being available to presence….
Let me help you to recognise that peace is always accessible and in this peace we can experience a state of  non-duality, seeing that I am you and you are me.
My life, like yours, has not always been easy. I have experienced big challenges too. Losing a son and brother to suicide was a pivotal turning point for me.
I share this experience in my memoir from Shining Through: Grief to Gratitude.
I live a life of gratitude and love now. And you can too.
As an Author and teacher, I hope to inspire you to ‘Embrace Presence and Live a life you love’.
I look forward to connecting with you.
Below are my offerings.