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A Woman's Journey

A Woman’s Journey

| Mindfulness & Meditation, On Soul Purpose | No Comments

On this International Womens Day I found myself reflecting and marvelling on a woman’s journey and how incredible we are. The rites of passage women will pass through are many:…


Am I Black or White – Who Am I ?

| Mindfulness & Meditation, Music, On Soul Purpose | 6 Comments

It was a challenge raising four sons as a single parent, but it was also a great privilege and joy.  The hard part was how others perceived us. I was…

candida - Mould

Could Candida Be Ruining Your Life?

| Essential Oils, Healthy Lifestyle | No Comments

Could Yeast Be Ruining your Life? Candida is a yeast, together with around 500 other important microorganisms present in gut of a healthy person. Candida normally reproduces slowly in right…


Living in Flow with Life – on Soul Purpose

| Mindfulness & Meditation, On Soul Purpose | No Comments

What’s Living on Soul Purpose Mean? Well in truth unfortunately most of us are living on autopilot – going about our day doing what’s ‘expected of us’. Work, marriage, children,…