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Meditative Video Series each with a guided mindfulness practice.

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Living in Flow with Life – on Soul Purpose

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What’s Living on Soul Purpose Mean? Well in truth unfortunately most of us are living on autopilot – going about our day doing what’s ‘expected of us’. Work, marriage, children,…

Meditation & the Brain

Neuroplasticity & Mindfulness – Growing Happiness Neurons

| Healthy Lifestyle, Mindfulness & Meditation, Yoga | No Comments

Have you heard of Neuroplasticity? Science has proven that the brain and the mind work synergistically, and that the brain through ‘neuroplasticity’ can reorganise itself by forming new neural (nerve)…

Sunshine Coast

Mindfulness and Meditation in Daily life

| Mindfulness & Meditation, On Soul Purpose, Yoga | No Comments

How can Mindfulness help us in every day Life? Perhaps we don’t have time to sit for classical meditation, feel too anxious or restless, don’t know how or aren’t comfortable…

Mindfulness in Action

Tuning In with MINDFULNESS

| Mindfulness & Meditation, On Soul Purpose | No Comments

Imagine life is like a spiral of vibration much like a musical scale and we have the opportunity to evolve by moving up (or down) that scale of resonance. Near…

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