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Abiding As Peaceful Loving Presence

Awakening the Heart with Clarity & Grace

Overcome The Effects of Trauma & Awaken with Clarity & Grace

If you’ve landed here then chances are you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual and healing journey. To awaken and abide as peaceful presence in this now moment we must be free of the effects of our past. This means we are no longer triggered by old unresolved Stuff.

Are you working on overcoming past trauma? Do you hope to heal from deeply held  grief, tension, shame or doubt that’s creating reactivity? Perhaps unresolved past events are sabotaging your present happiness. Perhaps you’ve achieved great things in your vocation and now is time for you to do some deep inner-work. To fall in love with life again.

The Awakening Hearts Mentorships offer a deep dive in a supported three or six month journey of healing, awakening, reclaiming your confidence and loving this gift of life. 

My work is designed to support you to take back the reins of your life. To lovingly trust your miraculous body and nervous system’s ability to heal. To release the grip of past stress, trauma and the associated anxiety, depression and limiting beliefs. To become more embodied, present and restore  your natural vitality. 

Overcoming trauma and healing means the past no longer defines how we express ourselves in the world. We become present and conscious to this arising moment. This moment. Then we can dive deeper and discover the magnificence of our true being. That sublime consciousness that is expressing here through this body-mind we call me. 

Soraya Saraswati manages Mangalam Yoga-Meditation Retreat with her musician husband Terry Oldfield on the Sunshine Coast. With 40 years of experience as a therapist, mentor and teacher Soraya offers deep wisdom with a very unique approach. Soraya offers in person transformational work, assisting clients to overcome trauma and live their best life and awaken to live and abide in open aware conscious presence. 


Cleaning the mirror of our mind requires absolute open aware presence in every moment. Fully present to the arising in each moment of this great mystery unfolding ..Soraya

Nourishing Day Retreat: TRE | Mindfulness | Embodiment

To overcome bodily held tension, ongoing anxiety and the effects of past trauma we need a toolbox. This workshop offers that toolbox. It’s designed to support you to release past trauma and better deal with ongoing daily stresses and triggers. This is an experiential workshop with lots to learn and incorporate into your self-care program.

SHAKE IT OFF & RESTORE CALM   -   6 week Courses

This course is offered online and in person. You will discover how by regulating your nervous system and developing greater embodiment you can restore as state of inner calm. You’ll learn how to practice and implement TRE tension and trauma release into your life and  develop greater resilience. Powerful self-care practices such as yoga nidra, breath, mindfulness practices and vagal toning are included. These practices help restore energy levels allowing greater mental and physical calm and vitality. 

Learn to harness the wisdom of your body, shake off stress and nourish your nervous system.

More Offerings for you
Awakening Hearts 3 day Retreats

Awakening Hearts Retreats run bi-annually at Mangalam on the Sunshine Coast. A deep dive into living AWAKE

TRE Trauma Release Exercises

Personal sessions in TRE to release Tension & Trauma. Yoga, breath, TRE & Yoga Nidra Classes

Awakening Hearts Mentorship

A 3 or 6 month journey spiritual awakening with Soraya for self-empowerment, purpose & prosperity.

Yoga Therapy
& Clarity Sessions

Ancient Science of Yoga & Ayurveda for healing, balance & spiritual clarity. One on One sessions

Yoga Nidra – Rejuvenating Meditation- A Modern Panacea

An important part of our holistic healing program is yoga nidra, which can support the body-mind to relax and heal. by anyone. Yoga Nidra as a classical meditation or relaxation practiced either lying supine comfortably in shavasana, or sitting while traveling or even from your hospital bed. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for body, mind and spirit, yoga nidra is the perfect antidote for life’s everyday stresses. In fact it is a modern day panacea which can be incorporated with any healing modality to enhance rejuvenation. It develops awareness, mindfulness and boosts energy levels. Being deeply calming it is perfect for many forms of anxiety, trauma or periods of rehabilitation after illness. It can be practiced in hospital, while traveling for jet-lag and in bed for insomnia.  It is undoubtedly a practice that will benefit everyone who uses it, and you need no prior knowledge of meditation… more

Click to Purchase Soraya’s Yoga Nidra recordings in the shop

The practices are enhanced with calming flute music from Terry Oldfield

Shining Through From Grief To Gratitude

by Soraya Saraswati
A journey with grief that led to profound Awakening

Soraya Saraswati’s memoir ‘Shining Through From Grief to Gratitude’ is a parents rite of passage, of coming shining through the traumas of suicide, secrets and spirituality. From Outback Australia to Indian Ashrams, Greek temples and American Indian Sweat Lodges this is a journey a soul yearning for freedom from the pain of grief.

This book is a priceless gift 

“This book is a priceless gift from a courageous, beautiful soul and a shining beacon for our troubled modern world. If you have ever tried to find comfort and healing through spiritual paths when in deep pain and grief, then here is a guide who can assist your out of the darkness into a new dawn of forgiveness and freedom.” Sally Oldfield – Musician

From the readers…
I just finished your book and I’m about to lend it to Vedanta who’s keen to read it.
It was a strong read …..I could relate to so much of it….the naivety of youthfulness, spiritual utopian ideals, the intensity and journey of motherhood (and single motherhood) and the angst we go through as mothers, the wisdom and equilibrium we acquire as we get older and so on.
Thank you for writing the book (I was nervous about reading it), it has inspired me to stay strong in my own journey and to practice gratitude and loving kindness. Also a reminder to stay present. (I need constant reminding).
Christina 2017

“To be free, first we need to clear the story of me. Clear our trauma story and the associated patterned and reactive behaviours. We retain our unique character but without the limitation of unconscious unexpressed vrittis  (whirling and fluctuations of the mindstuff). And as we become clear of past samskaras (psychological imprints) we are more available to this moment, to presence.” Soraya 💛