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as Peaceful Presence

Developing Greater Spiritual Clarity.

Soraya Saraswati shares nondual spiritual wisdom pointing us home to peaceful presence. 

Through deep spiritual inquiry we can use the mind to jump over the mind and ultimately rest in the awesomeness own true nature as peaceful presence.

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Retreat from busy-ness and nourish yourself with a day of meditation, silence and music.

A day of gentleness where nothing is expected of you.
Silent meditations are balanced with guided yoga nidra, gentle movement, live music & Satsang.
Surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and nature.

“Silence is the language of God,
all else is poor translation.”
~ Rumi.

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Shining Through From Grief To Gratitude

by Soraya Saraswati

A painful journey with grief that led to profound Awakening

Published in October 2016

Soraya Saraswati’s memoir ‘Shining Through From Grief to Gratitude’ is a parents rite of passage, of coming shining through the traumas of suicide, secrets and spirituality. From Outback Australia to Indian Ashrams, Greek temples and American Indian Sweat Lodges this is a journey a soul yearning for freedom fom the pain of grief.

Soraya shares her deep spiritual journey with grief, interwoven with the wisdom of forgiveness and freedom. Alive with mindful presence and ultimately acceptance of life ‘as it is’. Soraya came shining through, freed from the bonds of guilt, and the story around it.

Seven years in the writing, Soraya dedicates this book to the memory of both her brother Gil and son Prem who died by suicide.

From Readers….. 

“I finished your beautiful memoir last night, and was thoroughly moved by it. To see the person you are today, knowing what you’ve been through, is truly inspiring. You have had a fascinating life, and I was impressed by how you’ve been a spiritual seeker (and finder) from a young age. The circumstances of your and Terry’s loss of Prem were especially tragic considering that he was admitted to the hospital seeking help. By telling your story, I feel that not only have you done much to remove the stigma and shame of suicide, but also demonstrated what needs to change in professional treatment of addiction and mental health.   
You have also inspired me to up my gratitude practice.  It’s already making a difference. I hope you and Terry are well.  Again, thank you for all the wisdom conveyed by your writing.  I feel honoured to know you both.  with Love”
Kathleen.  (USA FEB 2019)

This book is a priceless gift 

“This book is a priceless gift from a courageous, beautiful soul and a shining beacon for our troubled modern world. If you have ever tried to find comfort and healing through spiritual paths when in deep pain and grief, then here is a guide who can assist your out of the darkness into a new dawn of forgiveness and freedom.” Sally Oldfield – Musician

I just finished your book and I’m about to lend it to Vedanta who’s keen to read it.
It was a strong read …..I could relate to so much of it….the naivety of youthfulness, spiritual utopian ideals, the intensity and journey of motherhood (and single motherhood) and the angst we go through as mothers, the wisdom and equilibrium we acquire as we get older and so on.
Thank you for writing the book (I was nervous about reading it), it has inspired me to stay strong in my own journey and to practice gratitude and loving kindness. Also a reminder to stay present. (I need constant reminding).
Christina 2017

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“To be free, first we need to clear the story of me with all its patterned and reactive behaviour. We retain our unique character but without the limitation of unconscious unexpressed vrittis  (whirling and fluctuations of the mindstuff). As we become clearer of past samskaras (psychological imprints) we are more available to presence.” Soraya