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Awakening Hearts 3-Day Retreat

Friday July 7th – Sun July 9th  Palmwoods Sunshine Coast

Open your heart to live a life you love 

Restore physical, emotional & mental balance

Heal Yourself – Heal The World

Cost: $1700     Early-bird Price: $1500 before June 25th

Bring a friend and save a further $100 each

  • Live Music & Mantra
  • Meditation
  • Tapping -aromatherapy
  • Philosophy
  • Saturday night Fire Ceremony
  • TRE – Trauma Release
  • Veg Ayurvedic Catering
  • Mindful Yoga
  • Nature Surrounds
  • Yoga Nidra 
  • Nonduality

this Retreat's a good fit for you if...

If you have a busy life and feel the need to slow down, unplug & nurture yourself in nature.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, and or the effects of grief, past trauma or PTSD.

If you’re ready to adopt a healthy, nourishing  and Conscious lifestyle with a self-care program.

If you’re ready to awaken spiritually with mindful yoga, live music, mantra and meditations.

Terry Oldfield and Soraya

About Soraya & Terry

Soraya and Terry manage run Mangalam Retreat in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland outside Palmwoods. 

Soraya an author, teacher and trauma informed yoga therapist and TRE. She’s been teaching and facilitating yoga, health and meditation retreats for over 30 years. 

Terry is a musician and world renowned composer. His instrument is the flute. He plays silver flute and the Indian Bansuri flute. His inspired playing is deeply moving.

Together they’ve inspired thousands of people in the UK, Europe, India and Australia with their music, meditations and trauma informed transformative retreats, concerts and workshops. 

soraya saraswati

Pay a $500 deposit toward the 3-day Retreat to secure your place

at the Early Bird Price of $1500.00

immerse in an energetic imprint of healing

Raise your vibration to one of Loving Peaceful Presence

Join Soraya and Terry at Mangalam Retreat on the July 7th – July 9th 2023

Discover The Chakras

Understand your energy 

And the 7 major chakras, symbology and the  Spiritual lessons they offer. 

Energy Mangement

Understand emotional frequency

 Raise your frequency to one of love and peace.

Unlock your potential

Meditation on the Chakras.

Discover where we are leaking energy and disconnecting from Peace.

Make better decisions

Developing Discrimination 

Through deepening into relaxation and connecting with our intuition. 

Restore and Rejuvenate

Healing Sound, Music and Mantra

Enjoy the healing power of music , voice and nature.


Relationships in reflection

Connect with like-minded beautiful people. Find your tribe.

Live in the present

The Power of Awareness 

Experience many meditations & Processes such as tapping, self-inquiry.

Heal yourself

Somatic Experiencing – Gentle Yoga

Through gentle mindful movement and yoga we get back in touch with our body.

Release tension & trauma

Release with TRE and breath-work

TRE or Trauma Release somatically shifts patterns of stress & trauma. 

Increase your natural energy flow

Introduction to our energy body – Chakras and Major Nadis

Join Soraya at the opening workshop and learn about the body’s energy lines and the fundamental aspects of the chakra system.

Shift deep-seated trauma

Understanding human emotional frequency

Emotions serve as the carrier waves for the entire spectrum of feelings. Understanding that emotions are energy implies that they are fluid, moving resources meant to be felt and released vs. suppressed and ignored. Learn how to feel and release through spiritual exercises with Soraya. 

Unlock your potential

Meditation on the Chakras, including Yoga Nidra

When energy rises through our chakra centres, our consciousness grows and we can heal on deeper levels. The ultimate aim of yoga nidra is to come to know our innermost being or essential nature. Join Soraya for an hour-long yoga nidra journey through the chakras to cleanse your energy centres from root to crown. 

Make better decisions

Developing Discrimination through the lens of the heart

Learning how to centre our focus on the heart space to listen and know what the spirit truly needs, and how to use that inner-knowledge to inform our decisions to remain loyal to our innermost truth.

Feel renewed and restored

Healing Sound, Music and Mantra, Aromatherapy

Terry Oldfield, acclaimed musician and flute master will join Soraya with live music and mantra.

Connect better with others and yourself

Relationships in reflection
Mindfulness in action

Learn how to be fully present in relationships, and how to lay the foundation to authentically interact with others. Applying mindfulness in relationships with self and with others.

Live in the present

The Power of Awareness – Living Mindfulness

Awareness is the doorway to recognising and understanding our own thought patterns, feelings, and beliefs—and how they cause suffering. Work with Soraya in this spiritual exercise in self-compassion and acceptance to learn how to live more fully.

Heal yourself

Somatic Experiencing – Gentle Yoga

Somatic yoga is a trauma-informed yoga practice and is based on the principles of body and mind integration. Join Soraya in this session and practise many of the yoga postures and breathing techniques you find in other yoga styles with added somatic exercises to support the body and mind connection.

Transform and release trauma

Deepening release with TRE and breath-work

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises is a simple yet innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Work with Soraya, a qualified TRE facilitator and learn how to improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

And there's more for Those who wish to go on to the 6 mth mentorship program

Achieve Spiritual Clarity & Peaceful Presence

Implementing the lessons of the Chakras

Discover your inner gifts

Become more mindful and self-aware

Learn to let go & Live in the Present Moment

Empowerment & Leadership

The Awakening Hearts Mentorship builds on the retreat. Offering mentorship to achieve greater confidence, clarity and grounding in our work. 

Together with ancient  wisdom, modern psychology, mindfulness, deep inquiry, breath work, music, voice, movement and song, aromatherapy, tapping,  meditation, TRE and somatic trauma release work we will gently remove the layers that hide our brightest light.

This is not a fluffy new age program – It is grounded in solid knowledge and ancient wisdom with a life changing structure and facilitated by mentors with decades of experience. When joining the Mentorship program, you will:

soraya saraswati

Pay a $500 deposit toward the Awakening Hearts Three Day Retreat

Invest in Yourself

Early-bird $1500 Full $1700

Pay a $500 deposit toward the 3-day Retreat to secure your place.

soraya saraswati

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soraya saraswati

Join Awakening Hearts 3 Day Retreat

Secure your place for the 3-day retreat now with a $500 deposit

We offer an Early Bird Discount when booking before the 1st of March. The Early Bird Cost of the Retreat is $1,500 inc. GST.

We also offer a special price if you wish to share your spiritual, heart-awakening experience with a friend. Book now, bring a friend and save $100 OFF both your tickets.