Tuning In with MINDFULNESS

Becoming Still and Present is something we can practice. Imagine life is like a spiral of vibration much like a musical scale and we have the opportunity to evolve by moving up (or down) that scale of resonance. Near the top is peace, which is a higher vibration of consciousness and as we go down the spiral toward the lower end of the scale we find the heavier notes of guilt and shame. Like an instrument we can fine tune ourselves to become more still and present with the assistance of Mindfulness.

This is not to judge any turn of the scale as good or bad, it simply offers us reference points. Through experiencing the lower end of the scale we may resonate with shame or grief at certain points in our life. This is a very low vibration which is never comfortable. The sheer pain of life at this level may cultivate the desire to evolve. This desire to SHIFT our experience is the  beginning of our journey toward living more consciously. Sadly, the desire to evolve arises only when we hit rock bottom.  Feelings of dissatisfaction or discontent become the motivating forces that inspire us to evolve. Growing pains are a part of becoming more conscious on every turn of the spiral. 

There are many vibrations between shame and peace of course but here I am simply making the point that we cannot fake peace. We are either resonating with peace or not.

Society teaches us to mask our real feelings with smiles and so called positive behaviour and mannerisms but we can’t make a G note sound like an F, and they don’t create harmony together – in fact they create disharmony. We can’t fool ourselves for too long before we feel like a fake and by then effort of faking it has become exhausting.

We can only be resonating at one vibrational note on the spiral, which may harmonise with others at varying notes to create a cord but with others it will create discord. For example, If I walked into a bar where everyone was drunk I would definitely feel discord which would probably make me turn around and walk out again.

We can’t be resonating at joy if we are harbouring deep guilt or shame. It is impossible.

So lets assume we have the desire to evolve with greater personal honesty authenticity. This means getting in touch with how we are really resonating now.

Developing ‘BALANCED AWARENESS’ is our golden key to begin living a more CONSCIOUS life.

Golden Key of Awareness

Golden Key of Awareness

Practicing moments Mindfulness each day can help us to ‘know ourselves’.  By tuning in and observing how we are feeling in our physical body, the quality of thought flowing through the mind, our actions and reactions to those thoughts, and arising emotions we can better know ourselves and thus understand our needs. Keep in mind that as we practice mindfulness we are not judging ourselves in any way. If judgement does occur then be aware of that, drop it and focus back on the arising feelings and sensations in each moment. Become Present.

“Mindfulness is cultivated from a place of neutrality, non-judgment and observation as a silent witness.”


Find a spot to sit comfortably, on a chair or the floor. Ensure you won’t be disturbed – pop your phone on aeroplane or off the hook. Gift yourself time and space to go within.

Close your eyes or keep them in a relaxed gaze at nothing in particular. Begin to feel your body settling in the sitting position. Notice the weight of the body against the chair or floor, feel the contact between your feet and the floor. Feel the clothing on the body. Allow yourself to become comfortable and drop into relaxed stillness. 

Notice your surroundings through the senses, smell, sound, touch, taste, image if your eyes are open for a few minutes.

Then come back inside your body and notice any bodily sensations while scanning slowly from the top of your head all the way down to the toes. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Direct your attention in a relaxed way to the notice the more subtle sensations in your body. Head to toe and back up to the head again. Practice for 5 – 10 mins.

Come to notice your breath. Feel the breath flowing in and out of the body like the waves of the ocean. Let the breath be effortless, free and natural. Simply observe and allow.

Gently begin to extrovert your awareness; back to your body sitting on the chair, the floor, your surroundings. Take a few deep breaths and when ready move and stretch. Reengage with your day with renewed sensitivity and heightened awareness.

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Namaste Soraya


About Soraya

Soraya is a Singer and Author of 'Shining Through: Grief to Gratitude', who is passionate about waking up from the dream of limited life as a separate individual and melting into being. By remembering the ever present moment of oneness, separation and struggle can become a thing of the past and we may experience true being. With a love of sacred music, yoga and living presence Soraya travels with partner, composer musician Terry Oldfield Globally where invited to create a space of peace.

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