Clarity & Health Sessions with Soraya

Clarity Sessions with Soraya

Perhaps you’ve had a spiritual awakening that you don’t understand? Many people are awakening at this time. This can create confusion and many questions will arise. In fact we will often question everything we have previously believed in. And that is ok. 

These one on one sessions with Soraya are designed to point you toward greater clarity with a more grounded understanding.

Confusion and Oscillation

These sessions are intuitive and individual. When we begin to question our conditioned way of expression we can feel adrift. Emotions may oscillate and often feel alone and depending on our circumstances isolated.

Old reactive patterns will arise. We see they no longer serve our highest good. It can take time and keen awareness to see through these old patterns or old conditioning.

The path of Love

I am dedicated to the path of living awake to the love that streams through us all and connects us as one. Our work will be to see through the illusory  blocks (that seem so real) that leave us feeling separate and less than… thus preventing us from knowing and experiencing the love and perfection that is always and ever available.

My promise

As your mentor I promise to point you toward a deeper understanding. To see through the dream of the constructed-self with all the limiting beliefs and conditioning gathered thus far. I aim to lovingly point us always towards the truth through intelligent inquiry.  

During a session we will explore who you truely are.

Contact me and I’ll be in touch to organise a suitable time.. 

“Awaken from the dream and abide as peaceful awareness that perceives the dream.”

Health Coaching with Soraya

Your health coaching  with Soraya is tailored to address an area of pain, suffering or dis-ease that you’re struggling with. 

I have qualifications as a Naturopath, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist and combine these skills in our session.

In your health coaching session we will identify patterns, lifestyle habits, nutritional needs etc that may have created or contributed to the dis-ease. If seen, understood and processed and transformed one may experience a profound shift and a return to health with long lasting peace.

Whether that is physical disease, depression, anxiety, emotional pain, burn out or grief.

As a health coach I use my expertise in yoga therapy, nutrition, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness and aromatherapy with intuitive wisdom to assist you in regaining your health and happiness.

This is a step by step process of self-inquiry with a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of mind that may get in the way.

You may be offered tailored recorded mindfulness/yoga or meditative techniques, and processes to support the process. 

“Your magnificent body-mind-spirit wants to heal and live joyfully in present time – I am here to direct you to take back empowered reins of your life.”

Session Cost is AUD 120.00

Once paid via paypal please email Soraya for time slot online or in person…..

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