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CRETE 2024 Holiday Retreat

June 3rd – June 11th

This boutique Crete Retreat Holiday 2024 with musician-teachers Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati is an opportunity to relax and recharge with gentle yoga, meditation, live music and mantra, tre and yoga nidra.

Join Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati for 9 musical days of exploring the inner and outer realms on the Exotic Greek Island of Crete. 
Numbers are strictly limited so book your spot today. 

  • Live Music – Mantra
  • Nondual Meditation
  • Exploring Crete
  • Aromatherapy
  •  Gentle Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • TRE Trauma Release
  • Organic Veg Catering

Celebrate Crete as We Rest & Recharge

This Holiday Retreat in Crete is an opportunity to spend time with Terry and Soraya in an intimate setting. It also promises to be a celebration of this beautiful Greek Island and it’s history as we relax and recharge.  

Terry Oldfield is famous for his musical genius and flute playing. His flute meditations truly transport one to a state of deep peace. And enjoy daily live music and mantra with Terry and Soraya. Rejuvenating gentle yoga, meditations and yoga nidra.

You’ll also learn TRE trauma release exercises to soothe the nervous system and support deep relaxation.

The meals included with be delicious fresh Veggie Greek cuisine from our amazing chef. Some evenings we’ll explore the local Tavernas at your own cost.

Airport Pickup will be organised: The closest airport is Chania airport. However if you fly into Heraklion airport pickup can be organised. This is an extra cost.

soraya saraswati

Pay a 500 Euro deposit toward the Retreat to secure your place

9 days with Terry Oldfield & Soraya 

on the Greek Island of Crete Cost  – Euro 2750

The 9-day CRETE Retreat includes:

Music, Meditation, Spiritual Conversations or Satsangs, TRE – trauma release, Walking, Exploring the Islands ancient Sites,  Delicious Greek Cuisine 

Choose Your Accommodation

Choose from shared room to apartement.

As the number of rooms is limited first in first served here. There are some rooms in the compound and several apartments across the street for ease of access and privacy.

Gentle Mindful Yoga

Morning gentle class to stretch, release and breath deeply

Daily classes with Soraya (yoga therapist) are focused on gentle presence, movement and pranayama or breathing practices to clear energy blockages and restore balance. 



See that your are not the mind and rest in open aware presence.

Daily guided and silent group meditations and group satsangs or spiritual discussions with Terry and Soraya…Supporting our melting into the sense of being. Beyond the ego and persona we are one. 

Exploring Crete

We will have 3 major outings exploring the ancient ruins and nature of Crete

These outings will include Mt Ida and the sacred sites around the mountain. The village we are staying in is surrounded by nature and we can walk to the beach 30mins.

Music - Mantra

Healing Sound, Music and Mantra

Terry Oldfield, acclaimed musician and flute master will join Soraya with live music and mantra.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music” – Aldous Huxley

Connection & Adventure

Connect with others committed to taking their practice into daily life.

This is an opportunity to spend time relaxing, singing, exploring and connecting with Terry Oldfield and Soraya and new friends.

Live in the present

The Power of Present Moment Awareness 

Awareness is the doorway to recognising and understanding our own thought patterns, feelings, and beliefs—and how they cause suffering. Life happens only NOW. This retreat supports living as the awareness that contains everything. .

Nurture Your Body

Somatic Experiencing – Gentle Yoga

Somatic yoga is a trauma-informed yoga practice and is based on the principles of body and mind integration. Morning sessions on retreat will nourish the body, stretch out tension and support the body and mind connection.

Transform and release trauma

Deepening release with TRE and Pranayama

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises is a simple yet innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Soraya is a qualified TRE facilitator. Once learned TRE is a tool for life. 

soraya saraswati

Pay a 500 Euro deposit toward the Retreat to secure your place

Full Cost  – Euro 2750

“I have had the pleasure of taking many of Soraya’s workshops and Yoga classes over the last couple of years. Her immense knowledge, experience, gentle care and non judgemental approach has played a huge role in my transformation and healing journey. Her dedication to others well-being and healing is like no other. I feel for ever blessed and grateful to have Soraya in my life.”

Axelle Decolnet

Armonia Retreat Crete

The Armonia Retreat is situated in the picturesque traditional village of Douliana in the heart of the Island of Crete. It is an acre of land with lush gardens, olive trees expressing an authentic style of Greek homeliness. there is a pool and we will have our own chef cooking delicious healthy meals with organic and local grown produce. There are 3 large bedrooms with twin share accommodation or (3 beds if preferred) with ensuites. Surrounded by some of the rare forest nature on Crete we can walk to 2 different beaches. Further accommodation can be booked in very close by apartments which maintain the Greek feel. The village of Douliana has maintained the traditional Crete building style. Yey, no high rise. Here we can offer an authentic Crete experience. 

Crete 2024 Heart Awakening Retreat

Join Soraya and Terry on a Greek adventure. And the renewal of the heart and spirit. When attending the Crete Holiday Retreat, you will:

Enjoy a transformative & joyful holiday to remember. An inner and outer adventure of the spirit

Enjoy an intimate time with other like-minded friends committed to living awake

Develop an increased sense of presence and self-awareness

Release tension and trauma and gain tools for relaxing & calming the nervous system

About Terry & Soraya

Soraya and Terry own and run Mangalam Hinterland Meditation Retreat in Queensland Australia. For the past 16 years they shared their love and expertise globally in concerts, retreats and workshops.

Soraya is an author and spiritual teacher and therapist who has been facilitating yoga, health and meditation retreats for nearly 40 years.

Terry Oldfield is an author, musician and composer. With mastery of both the silver flute and the Indian Bansuri, his flute meditations are deeply moving. 

Pricing And Room Choices and Options

June 3rd – June 11th 2024 with Accommodation & Meals

Armonia is an intimate retreat on an acre of land in the heart of the picturesque village of Douliana in the heart of the Island of Crete.

We look forward to exploring the island of Crete with you, together with spiritual conversations,  gentle yoga, meditation and magic. There are several apartments with-in a few minutes walk as alternative accommodation.

Please Note: Numbers are limited – Accommodation is by choice. There is also family accommodation upon inquiry.

Awakening Hearts 3-Day Retreat

Full Cost  – Euro 2750

Secure your place for the 9-day retreat now with a 500 Euro deposit

soraya saraswati

Pay a Euro 500 deposit toward the 3-day Retreat to secure your place.


soraya saraswati

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