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Emotional Balancing with Vibrational Essential Oils

October 9, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Emotional Balancing with Vibrational Essential Oils

This will be a practical evening workshop where you will experience first hand the power of these exquisitely high vibrational Young Living Essential Oils.

  • Learn how states consciousness effect our lives.
  • how unresolved trauma can hold us stuck in suffering.
  • the history of e.oils in spiritual/emotional healing
  • Discover how e.oils link to our spiritual & emotional bodies.
  • Understand how e.oils can elevate our vibration to greater conscious abundance.
  • Understand the mind, body, spiritual healing capacity of e.oils.
  • Learn a technique to clear your aura quickly with essential oils.
  • Discover the ancient technique of anointing.
  • Learn how you can enhance your meditation practice with e.oils
  • Soraya will demonstrate dowsing with chakra reading and clearing.
  • Give and receive a deeply relaxing and calming anointing emotional clearing ceremony with healing sound.
  • We will finish with a Mindful Meditation practice of grounding before we leave for home.

25 EURO  for peoples who bring their own Feelings Kit  en 45 Euro  for those who don’t want to bring their oils.

It is suggested you invest in the Kit – other oils are provided on the day.

Young Living Essential Oils Feelings Kit

Young Living Essential Oils Feelings Kit


About Soraya

Soraya has been a holistic naturopath and yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher for over 30 years. Soraya has used vibrational essential oils extensively both personally and professionally for the past 20 years. Soraya runs regular Global workshops inspiring people to greater health andconsciousness with the use therapeutic grade essential oils.

Soraya Saraswati is an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils: 540882.





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