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Essential Oils Ancient Medicines for a Modern World – Belgium

October 12, 2014


Essential Oils Ancient Medicines for a Modern World

Join us for a full day of exploring the wonderful world of Aromatherapy with Therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils.  These medicines direct from natures garden hold vibrational and chemical secrets for the healthy future of our families and communities. 

The Days topics are:

1. Introduction to Young Living Essential Oils

  • What are essential oils and how do we use them
  • Essential Oils as powerful herbal Medicines
  • Experience the fragrance & unique quality of YL essential oils.
  •  Discover the difference between common oils and true therapeutic grade oils. 
  •  Why it’s so important to use pure oils beyond organic.
  • How can essential oils enhance my life.
  • Discover how essential oils can enhance Nutritional products

2. Essential Oils as a Natural Family First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit of reliable natural medicines straight from natures garden is a wonderful gift we can offer our families.  Feel good about what you are applying to your children’s skin …without nasty chemicals or side effects.  Develop confidence in how to use essential oils and understand their many healing qualities. 

– Learn how to treat burns, bites, tummy pain, tooth ache, skin infections, headaches, fevers, sore muscles, bruising, and pain simply and naturally – and with fast, effective results.

Everyday Oils Kit

Everyday Oils Kit

  •  Explore a natural first aid kit that is safe for children, used all over the world and has higher than organic standards.
  • Ask your questions about using therapeutic grade essential oils for the family.
  •  Get recommendations for  health issues you or your family member is currently facing.

3. Emotional Balancing with Vibrational Oils & Healing Sound

  • Discover how e.oils are more than beautiful fragrances.
  • Understand the history of e.oils  in spiritual healing
  • Understand how e.oils can elevate our vibration to greater conscious abundance.
  • Discover how e.oils link to our spiritual & emotional bodies.
  • Understand the mind, body, spiritual healing capacity of e.oils.
  • Learn a technique to clear your aura quickly with essential oils.
  • Discover the ancient technique of anointing.
  • Learn how you can enhance your meditation & yoga with e.oils
Essential Oils Feelings Kit

Essential Oils Feelings Kit

– experience a Mindfulness meditation and anointing ceremony with  Soraya.

– Soraya will demonstrate dowsing with chakra reading and clearing.

About Soraya

Soraya has been a holistic health practitioner and yoga and meditation teacher for over 30 years. She brought up her family of 4 boys on natural principles and has used essential oils extensively both personally and professionally. Soraya runs regular Global workshops inspiring people to greater health with the use therapeutic grade essential oils.

Soraya Saraswati is an independent distributor of Young Living Essential Oils: 540882.

Cost: 40 Euro for YL members or  60 Euro for non-members – this includes all the oils used on the day.

registration: 9.30am please to begin promptly at 10.00am

Please contact Barbara Vega:  info@lesondubienetre.com  0486/510853 (for English and French)

or Marianne: marianne@angelconnections.eu   0472/872711  (for English, Danish, Finish and German).


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