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TRE Trauma Release Exercises with Yoga Nidra

July 26 @ 6:30 pm - August 30 @ 8:00 pm

Bookings Closed – Course Underway

6 wk Shake It Off & Restore Calm

6 wk TRE trauma & tension release and Yoga Nidra Introductory Course

Taking bookings now  Tuesdays beginning July 26th – August 30th 6.30-8.00pm

These two amazing tension and trauma releasing somatic practices provide you with tools to unwind the nervous system and restore calm. This course teaches TRE, Yoga Nidra and mindfulness practices. It offers education about your nervous system and how we hold trauma in the physical body. You will learn how to restore energy levels allowing greater mental and physical calm and vitality, shake off stress and nourish your nervous system.

Shake it Off and Restore combines  TRE, (tension trauma release exercises) and Yoga Nidra is a very special six-week course. Each week builds on the last releasing deep held tension and stress patterns layer by layer. note: On completing this course or private sessions with Soraya you can continue your inner work by joining a Gentle Yoga, TRE and Yoga Nidra Class.

Release Old Reactive Patterns

Talk therapy can only take us so far.  Many reactive tension and trauma patterns remain locked in the body causing pain, reactivity and unexplained anguish. This is a not a conscious choice. TRE is a somatic or body based practice once learned can be incorporated into your life. Shake it off and restore calm with TRE and yoga nidra cuts to the root of the tension held in our body via the nervous system. It is important to release the stress hormones together with physical and emotional trauma from our body. TRE or trauma release exercises being a purely somatic practice that offers a simple, safe and empowering way to release long held tension and trauma from the body. There is not need to go into old stories. We trust the intelligence of our magnificent bodies to release as we feel safe and supported.

Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is amazing, always doing the best job possible to keep you safe. But do we really understand it. Our body maintains the ability to function during incredible stress, emotional and physical trauma, grief and pain. Yet at what cost? The residue of stress, tension and traumatic events can become locked in our muscles, laying down habitual unconscious patterns of reactivity and stress we may not understand. Most reactive stress patterns are locked in the subconscious realms outside our reach.

Relax and Restore with TRE and Yoga Nidra

But what if we want to awaken, live our highest potential, achieve a state of absolute balance and resilience? Well here we offer these empowering techniques to do just that by supporting your mental wellbeing. Shake it out and restore with TRE and yoga nidra will empower you to take back the reins of your life with empowering tools for transformation.

6 somatic classes to designed support your mental wellbeing

Begins Thursday 28th July  @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm and runs for 6 consecutive Thursdays

What Your Will Learn

  • Understand your nervous system
  • Gain stress relief & mindfulness tools
  • learn how trauma locks in the body
  • Understand the Vagus nerve
  • Learn TRE (trauma release exercises)
  • Learn Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • Personal growth, mindfulness grounding tools.
  • Expert support, sharing and connection

Link to You Tube video where Soraya explains more about TRE.

COST: $195 + GST = $214.50 for 6 weeks Tuesday Evenings begins July 16

Numbers are limited so commitment to the whole course is best.

Apply to Join: Email Soraya for payment details 



32 Country Road
Palmwoods, Queensland 4555 Australia
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  1. Hi Soraya
    I am unable to attend this course due to work commitments…could you please email me when you are going to run it again…?
    It would be very much appreciated..
    Warm regards

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