The Larapinta Trek – Hike 2 Halve Suicides

After losing a brother, then son to death by suicide I grieved deeply. Now, years later and feeling stronger I am choosing to stand up to make a difference. To lift the stigma and shame around suicide and promote education, compassion and loving kindness to those suffering silently from anxiety, depression, addiction and mental health issues. No-one should suffer alone.

PremA small group of people have answered the call to hike over 100 km’s along the Larapinta Trail, following Ancient Dreaming Lines, out from Alice Springs to raise money to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander company leaders to attend the Suicide Prevention Australia Convention in 2016. This trek has been organised by the Suicide Prevention Australia team who are dedicated to halving suicides in Australia.

I have pledged to raise $3500. This has been professionally organised by SPA.

Every day in Australia 7 people die from suicide – This is tragic. With every death friends, work colleagues and family are left experiencing deep grief from the loss. Children are left without parents and parents lose their children too young.

Our aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people are loosing their family members to suicide at an alarming rate. Due to the remoteness of many communities, they are largely unheard and unsupported. This needs to change. Help us give community leaders an opportunity to be heard.

Loving Kindness and Compassion towards all people is our way to freedom.

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Thank you