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TRE Trauma Release Workshop

Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, Queensland

FREE TO BE ME - TRE trauma Release Workshop This TRE trauma workshop offers practical tools for better regulating the nervous system and releasing tension from the body. The toolbox offered in this workshop is designed to support you to release past trauma and better deal with ongoing daily stresses and triggers. This is an… Read More »TRE Trauma Release Workshop


Shake It Off with TRE

Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, Queensland

TRE trauma tension release, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra A 6 week Course of TRE, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra.Shake it off with TRE (trauma release exercises or neurogenic tremoring), mindfulness & yoga nidra is gold. This life changing course offers tools to better manage and deal with stress and past held trauma.Learn to trust your amazing… Read More »Shake It Off with TRE


Sunshine Coast Retreat: Awakening Hearts

Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, Queensland

Sunshine Coast Retreat AWAKENING HEARTS RETREAT Join Soraya Saraswati¬† in a deep dive into heart based living nourishing body, mind and spirit. This Sunshine Coast Retreat is set in the beautiful forested Hinterland. Includes gentle yoga, psycho-emotional lessons of the chakras, TRE trauma and tension somatic release, pranayama, music, mantra and meditation. The 3 days… Read More »Sunshine Coast Retreat: Awakening Hearts