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Chakra Yoga Course

Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, QLD, Australia

These Sunshine Coast Chakra Yoga sessions  are around balancing our energetic system through gentle asana or yoga postures and exercises, pranayama or breathing techniques, mindfulness or directed awareness and yoga nidra guided meditation. Chakra yoga also uses sound and mantra with awareness of energy centers in the body to awaken and balance prana. Chakras (wheels… Read More »Chakra Yoga Course


Shake It Off with TRE

Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, QLD, Australia

SHAKE IT OFF & RESTORE CALM with TRE, Mindfulness, Vagal Toning & Yoga Nidra Overcoming the effects of trauma such as PTSD, Anxiety, and panic attacks by learning to regulate your nervous system can take time, practice and support. This 6 week course offers time to develop in your TRE practice in a small group… Read More »Shake It Off with TRE


Sounds & Silence Meditation Retreat

Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, QLD, Australia

Sunshine Coast Sounds & Silence Retreat DayRest, Reset and Nurture Yourself This is an invitation to nurture yourself with a self-care day. A perfect rejuvenation day. We have designed this Sounds and Silence Retreat to be restorative, so that nothing is expected from you. This is all YOU time, offering your nervous system time to relax,… Read More »Sounds & Silence Meditation Retreat


Swindon UK Concert & Workshop

104 Clifton St, Old Town Swindon Swindon, United Kingdom

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Home Concert & Workshop Home Concert - May 10th 7.00pm - 9.00pm Terry Oldfield and Soraya will be visiting from Australia and passing through Swindon. We hope you can join us for this very special and intimate evening of Song, Mantra and Flutes. Terry shares his philosophic original songs, some with… Read More »Swindon UK Concert & Workshop



St Laurence Church Stroud UK GL51JL, Stroud, United Kingdom

Terry Oldfield and Soraya will share original songs that speak to the heart of the listener. Their sound combines a Celtic lilt with soaring flutes, the sounds of nature and words to inspire and awaken the heart. Terry’s flute and musical genius together with Soraya’s sweet voice will have you enthralled by an evening to… Read More »DIVINE FLUTE & SACRED SONGS UK

Awakening Hearts Wellness Retreat

Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, QLD, Australia

AWAKENING HEARTS RETREAT Join Soraya Saraswati  in a deep dive into heart based living nourishing body, mind and spirit. This Sunshine Coast Retreat is set in the beautiful forested Hinterland. Includes gentle yoga, psycho-emotional lessons of the chakras, TRE trauma and tension somatic release, pranayama, music, mantra and meditation. The 3 days Live in Sunshine… Read More »Awakening Hearts Wellness Retreat