Be Still and Flow Online Meditation Course

Date(s) - 02/09/2021 - 28/10/2021
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm


Be Still and Flow

8 week Online Meditation Course

Be Still & Flow points us toward inner freedom in the light of love, so we may follow our unique human dharma or life-path while aware of the oneness of consciousness flowing through and connecting all as one. From here we develop greater awareness and courage to face and release the fears, judgements and mental patter that can hold us stuck and awaken our true essence.

It is a progressive weekly course offering direction and support with breath work, meditations, music and mantra singing, with the underlying philosophy of freedom. Freedom from the clutches of mind-created fear based and limiting patterns or programs. This course is not bound to any one religion but may include the philosophy of pure love that underpins all great religions.


  • Weekly Progressive Online Class with Soraya
  • Guest Musician: Terry Oldfield
  • Philosophy of Freedom – seeing through the patterns that bind us
  • Mantra Singing to open the heart and free the voice
  • Breath-work or pranayama practices to restore balance
  • Silent and Guided meditations
  • Non-dual philosophy of oneness
  • Creating greater clarity through intelligent inquiry

Being online makes this course available to everyone.

The vibration of Love and Peace allow us to abide in flow so suffering becomes a thing of the past. This does not mean we will not experience loss, hardships and challenge. It does mean we are equiped to see through the transient limiting ego attachments and experience freedom to be still and flow with life.

Cost $150.00

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