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A Global Awakening

In the past week I have had many calls from beautiful people in a state of distress, physical challenge and emotional pain. We live in a crazy world that offers daily challenges. The governments are toxic, our beautiful earth and oceans have been polluted. War is leaving people homeless and destitute.  Our minds have been polluted too.  Life’s stresses are building up and causing havoc in our nervous system. It is time for a global detox – a global awakening.

Living in a constant state of hyper-alertness, reactivity and sympathetic overdrive is NOT healthy. Serving others to the detriment of our own energy levels can leave us depleted. Then, when that one extra stressor happens. It maybe a bad flu or a life-threatening illness, the loss of a loved one or a financial challenge. That something, that may just be the last straw… And we collapse.

PLEASE don’t let this happen to you. You are too precious

There is a global awakening happening. People have had enough.

On the flip side, NOW is an amazing time to be alive.

There is a global shift happening. Can you feel it? People have had enough! The constant aggressive doing energy is depleting. Much of the mainstream media is being controlled by ego driven greedy people. The business world of dog eat dog does not leave room for the corner shop any more. There is confusion and growing unrest and it’s not comfortable. Humanity is rising up and crying out for change. But real change begins with us, you and me. And growth in awareness is never comfortable. We have to really open our ‘eyes’ and see and feel what is no longer serving us. Or serving the greater good.

There is a growing number of amazing humans that are standing for change. And their voices will be heard. They are demanding change on a massive scale. They are brave, intelligent and strong and come from a place of inclusivity and care for the earth and the wisdom of nature and are appealing to the innate goodness and wisdom within the human soul. So tune in listen and become a part of that change for our children and grandchildren. It is time to walk our talk like never before.

There is a global awakening – And it’s not comfortable. 

Awakening to what you might ask?

To inquiring and discovering the age old philosophic question ‘Who Am I’. To make a shift from ‘I am a limited body-mind’ to understanding the undying unborn presence or substratum that unites us as ONE. 

And from here .. To live a Heart Centred Life of kindness, compassion and connection. To shift from body identified Doing to heart centered Being. And this means shifting from Selfishness to Selfing.

An awakening of self-discovery – a coming home to a Conscious Awakened Heart. To knowing ourselves to be far more than what have known ourselves to be. 


NOW is a good time to question everything.

Everything! And there’s no point looking outside yourself to the governments or the media for answers. The media doesn’t reflect truth, so my advice is ‘Don’t Watch It’. It is hell bent on manipulating through fear and scare tactics. The greedy and the corrupt are still loud – so turn it off and spend more time in nature or quality time with loved ones. Despite the unloving unkind voice of the media, the voice of those awakening and questioning ‘the way it has been’ as opposed to ‘the way life could be’ is growing louder too. And that change begins with you and me.

We are calling for a new world. Which requires an internal shift  of our identity.

To Question beliefs, values, and our choices? Do we identify with our body which comes and goes? with our mind that fluctuates like a wild monkey? Am I stuck on the story of ME, which is fundamentally when examined, is an accumulation of past memory and future projections? Or is it time to look deeper. 

The first requirement to make the shift is to relax and allow our nervous system to calm down? To step off the societal automated treadmill of our life and to feel what is really here for us. What have we denied, pushed down, ignored? What is calling out for our attention? What is causing such suffering?  Has humanity got it wrong? Have we built our identification on something that, in it’s impermanence, creates fear. What if we swapped it to identifying as Love? 

Are my Choices Self-Loving, Self-Kind, Self-Compassionate?

Do my choices and lifestyle support the world I want to live in? Am I listening to my heart calling me home? Or am I  ‘soldiering on’, trying to fit into a sick society? Do I sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole? Where have I pushed love away for fear of missing out?

As we begin to question everything and welcome in ALL our feelings, life will undoubtedly be uncomfortable for a time. The lid may be lifted off a pressure cooker of buried feelings. Yet with open-minded inquiry, self-compassion and loving kindness together with a deep acceptance for all that is ‘as it is’, we can heal. 

My Awakening Hearts Retreats and Mentorships are designed to support you through this shift. Together we can support an awakening of consciousness here on our beautiful earth. A new way of being that supports heart centered living, knowing we are fundamentally in the substratum of consciousness ONE. 

Through Awakening Hearts Mentorships we journey through the deep psychological lessons of the chakras together with self-inquiry, meditations, yoga nidra, gentle mindful yoga, music, TRE trauma release exercises and somatic work to ultimately develop confidence to surrender to the heart and live as ONE – as consciousness having an exquisitely divine experience in a human body.

The Awakening Hearts Retreats and  Mentorships can be adapted to personal needs and circumstances.

with Love to all ….. Soraya

Awakening Hearts Retreat May 2023

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