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India Retreat 2024

India Retreat 2024
Ayurveda Yoga Music
Soraya Saraswati & Terry Oldfield

Ayurveda in Kerala & Himalayan Retreat
6th Nov - 26 Nov 2024

Kochi Ayurveda Rishikesh Music Yoga Culture

A musical journey of South & North India with Soraya & Terry

An inner and outer journey with pointings from the Ashtavakra Gita

Terry Oldfield and Soraya

India Retreat 2024
Quick Overview

Join a small group led by Soraya and Terry from Kochi in South India to Rishikesh and surrounds in North India. A journey to nourish body & soul 

Linking the Jewel of Ayurveda in Kerala with Ancient Yogic wisdom in Rishikesh and the Himalayan foothills – and many adventures along the way

Fly into Kochi. Fly home from Delhi. 7 days Ayurvedic Treatments + 7 days in a Himalayan Foothill Retreat.

A mixture of hotel and retreat accommodation in Kochi, Thrissor, Rishikesh and Rishikesh foothills. 

soraya saraswati

$500 secures your place for India Retreat 2024 @ the Early Bird Price of $4888.00 Twin Share / Full Price $ 5111.00

tea picker Munnar mountains India
Indian cuisine

We begin in South India

During this Pilgrimage, Soraya & Terry will travel with you offering daily music, gentle yoga, meditation and inspirations. This journey is planned to maintain a deep connection the unique nature of remote places.

We begin our journey in Fort Kochi, South India. Time to arrive in India and to wander around the fishing port and explore the richness of the local culture here.

We’ll then travel into the mountains via the Spice & Tea Plantations to the Nagath Ayurveda Centre. Here, after your doctors consultation we will settle in to receive a week of dosha balancing Ayurveda treatments. Ayurveda is known as the science of life supporting healthy lifestyle close to nature. see my blog on Ayurveda

After a delicious week of treatment we travel back to Kochi to fly to Deradhan via Delhi and on to Rishikesh. 

Rishikesh & Beyond
Foothills of the Himalayas

Even though it’s known as ‘the capital of Yoga’ after the Beatles passed through in the 60’s, Rishikesh is a relatively calm and relaxed city. Situated along the two banks of the Holy River Ganges, it is filled with the ashrams and yoga centers. We will be visiting the Shivananda Ashram here and attending nightly Arati on the ghats.
To witness the ritual ceremonies of Arti In Sanskrit, the word ‘arti’ – transcribed as ‘aarati’ – is composed of the prefix ‘aa’, meaning complete, and ‘rati’, meaning love. It is a ceremony of light.
From the town of Rishikesh we will travel further north to our Hermitage. Crossing the Ganga by footbridge we find an organic hermitage perched on the hill overlooking mother Ganga (the Ganges River).
Over the next 7 days Terry and Soraya will offer daily classes in yoga, mantra music and meditation as well as spiritual discussion or satsang.  
From here we will venture out on several days to explore spiritually significant and natural areas of beauty. We’ll visit  Deva Prayag, the source of the the River Ganga. And meditate in the famous Vashishta Cave.
Our trip will end here. We’ll return to Delhi by minibus where you can fly back to international destinations or on as you please.
Shiva statue Rishikesh - India Retreat 2024
Past India Retreat Members enjoying fresh coconuts
India Retreat
offering to Ganges River Rishikesh during Arati
flame offerings on Mother Ganga Rishikesh

Spirituality is the heartbeat of India.

A journey to India can be a life changing and heart awakening experience. Every aspect of life in village India is a reminder of the divine aspect that flows through every being great and small, plant animal and human.

India can be a beautifully humbling and personally confronting experience. One you will never forget. We invite you to join us for this very special travel experience together with practices that will enhance and deepen your inner journey along the way. 

Through mantra, music, gentle yoga, meditation, nature and daily inspirations we will share a bonding experience with the wonderful culture, land, rivers and offerings from this ancient land and its people. 

Soraya Saraswati & Terry Oldfield

Terry Oldfield and Soraya share a love of the Indian people and their traditional culture. Both are seasoned India travellers, so you are in good hands.
Terry through his flutes and songs of wisdom brings a very special presence to the retreat. A talented composer, songwriter and musician he is both strong and gentle.
Soraya Saraswati is a philosopher, teacher, trauma informed yoga therapist and Ayurvedic health coach with over 40 years experience. She will be guiding us along the way through meditation, yoga, mantra, energy management and TRE.
Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati your hosts on India Retreat 2024

The India Retreat Package Includes

Kerala birth place of Ayurveda - Rishikesh & foothills of the Himilayas

Join Soraya & Terry in India on the Nov 6th  – Nov 26th 2024

Transfers and transports

Whilst in India

  • Airport pickup from Kochi to hotel and Deradhan.
  • International Airport drop off in Delhi. 
  • Car and Bus transfer fares.
  • Outing to Munnar Tea Plantation
  • Outings in and around Rishikesh
  • Flights to India & Kochi to Delhi – Deradhan not included

All Meals during retreats

All Breakfast.   Lunch and Dinner 90%

You will experience both South & North Indian Cuisine. Both are rich in flavour with many types of breads from gluten free dosa to roti, puris, and samosa, curries, paneer and rice dishes.

both week retreats include all meals.

On outing days you may purchase lunch and dinner as you please.

All Accomodation

Twin Share

  • Comfortable hotel and Retreat accomodation is included on a twin share basis.
  • Single rooms can be requested at an additional cost if necessary.

Tours & Guide

Whilst in India

  • All scheduled tours and guides are included in your price.
  • This includes day excursions, guided walking tours and temples entrance. 

Chanting, Meditation & Satsangs

Daily while on Retreat 

  • Terry and Soraya will share music, meditation, yoga and satsangs in the two 7 day retreats. 
  • There will be many opportunities for discussion and deep contemplations along the way.

Transfers & Bus Trips

And other Holy Places

  • Airport pick up & drop off 
  • Mini Bus return to Delhi from Rishikesh
  • Bus trip to Munnar in the South and Deva Prayag in the North

Satsang Meditations Culture

We travel as visitors in this land steeped in culture. Best to wear sleeves and have a shawl for temples out of respect. Modest comfortable clothing is best. Swimming or dipping in the Ganga in a sarong.

 Daily Satsangs & meditations along the way as we steep ourselves in the ancient philosophy behind the spiritual culture of India.

Morning Chanting

Led by Terry & Soraya with ancient mantra & deep stillness

With spontaneity and taking advantage of the magic in our journey. This is yoga in action moment by moment in presence.

Yogic Wisdom

Offered with love

Soraya & Terry will offer their wisdom and knowledge on the history of Yoga and Nondual Philosophy in India and its holy places as we travel together. 

Local Guide

India Guide

At times we will have a local India guide accompanying us so we can enjoy deeper aspects of the culture.. 

soraya saraswati

A $500 non-refundable deposit  will hold your place.

Full payment by Sept 30th 2024.  Numbers limited

India Retreat 2024 - Daily Program

Arrival at Kochi Airport in Kerala Transfer to the hotel in Fort Kochi. Some flights may arrive at night so rest is important. As per your arrival time we will connect for a meal and introductions. 

Overnight stay in a comfortable hotel.
Meals include : Lunch and dinner

Sightseeing around the fishing port of Fort Kochi. Relax after travel.

Full Day trip up to Munnar and the Tea & Spice fields.
We arrive at Nagath Ayurvedic Hospital ready for our treatments the next day.
Meals: Breakfast included. lunch and dinner on the road as per your choice.

We arrive at the Ayurvedic Retreat on the 7th to begin our treatments on the 8th after receiving a doctors consultation. Treatments are given on an individual basis to create balance in the body. We will be the only guests in the center – it is our own. During this time Terry and Soraya will offer daily music, meditation & satsang. Yoga with the resident teacher.

We pack up and say our goodbyes at the Ayurvedic center. You may wish to take medicines to continue your treatment line. Then we drive back to Fort Kochi for a leisurely afternoon and evening. 

Overnight stay in a comfortable hotel
Meals include: Breakfast. Lunch and dinner as you wish on the way at your expense.

We will take a morning flight to Delhi then transfer to fly to Deradhun near Rishikesh. From here we will drive to Rishikesh. We will arrive in the early evening. Note these flights need to be purchased by attendee

Overnight stay in a comfortable hotel
Meals include: Breakfast. Lunch and dinner as you wish on the way at your expense.

We will explore the Ghats, the River, Lakshman Jhula and attend evening Arati on the Ganga.
Overnight stay in a centrally located hotel.
Meals included: Breakfast 

We spend the morning in Rishikesh then travel via stunning waterfalls to our second retreat hermitage Ananda Lok over the the River Ganges

Meals include: Breakfast & Dinner.

Our second retreat in Ananda Lok with organic meals and daily yoga, meditation, music and philosophy.

Here we will have several outings to visit meditation caves and also the source of the Ganges River at Deva Prayag.

Meals include: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Travel to Delhi to airport from Rishikesh or on with your own arrangements. Our Tour completes in Delhi airport.

Kind Words from previous India Retreat Attendees

soraya saraswati

 Pay a $500  to secure your place at the

Early Bird Price of $4888.00 Twin Share / Full Price $ 5111.00

Frequently Asked Questions

It runs for 21 days from 5th November arrival in Kochin and ends in Delhi on November 25th at the international airport

All internal Accommodation in India, internal car and bus travel, 90% meals, with an option to eat separately on outings and while traveling.

International flights are not included.  You will need to purchase a flight into Kochi in India. A flight from Kochi to Delhi. From Delhi to Dehradun, and a flight home from Delhi. We will help you with your flight information.

We will be staying in clean local hotels, an Ayurvedic Retreat and Yoga Retreat. All carefully chosen for your comfort. It is twin share accommodation.  

  • International airfares to and from India.
  • Visas which can be purchased easily online – we will advise.
  • Any personal needs or spending on shopping,
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Any personal medications.
  • Tips and donations.
  • Travel Insurance – Please take out travel insurance before arriving in India.

It is possible to leave us in Kochi after the Ayurveda. Or to join us in Delhi. Please discuss with Soraya.

We retain a $500 booking fee if you cancel up to 4 weeks before the retreat. Cancelation after this time brings a $600 booking fee as numbers are limited and we may have to turn people away. If we fill your spot we will reduce the cancellation fee.

Yes, we can set up a payment plan after the $500 deposit is paid. The payment plan must be completed 4 weeks prior to travel.

Yes we can advise you on this. Booking earlier is better. We can share our preferred travel agent for bookings.

This is the coolest time in India and the most pleasant to travel. Kochi will be warm but as we move further north it will be cooler and cold in Lakshman Jhula and Rishikesh. So bring clothes for mild coolish Autumn. It is easy to have your clothes laundered along the way so travel as light as you can.