Soraya in India

India 2003

 Yoga & Meditation of  True Being

Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit with mindful yoga. Classes include music, yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga nidra and meditation.

Soraya trained in the Satyananda tradition, with 35 years teaching experience. Spending 8 years living yoga in the Ashrams in Australia and India Soraya has a deep understanding of the philosophy of being which is the essence of true yoga. She continues to teach the traditional practices of her lineage and share their wonderful benefits to living a healthy life of mindful presence.


Time: 6.30 – 8.00pm

suitable for everyone including Beginners or those carrying injuries.


Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm

For those with some experience of yoga.

Venue: Mangalam, 32 Country Road Palmwoods.


what to bring: yoga mat, meditation cushion, a shawl/sarong and water. Meditation stools and chairs available.

Phone: 0400 520 624

Cost: 10 week course $150 or $17 casual classes.Or make up your payment of 10 classes randomly.


Private Classes:

For those with special requirements or who prefer to learn one on one or as a family.

Please phone to organise a suitable time. Cost of private class is $50 for 1 hour.

This includes a special set of practices tailored for  your personal needs.

With 35 years in the yoga, wellness and meditation industry Soraya is an expert in her field. Many people remain confused about how to practice meditation.

A Common question is: How can I meditate if I can’t stop my mind?

Soraya: Meditation is best learned with proper instruction and then integrated into your daily life to reap the full benefits. The idea of meditation is not to force the mind to stop, or to feel frustrated that it is busy –  with regular practice of awareness through mindfulness in time the mind will quieten of its own accord. There is not forcing the mind to be anything. There is an awakening of the ability to step back and observe the mind just as one would observe passing clouds in the sky. In this way we become less reactive to life.

Observation through the witnessing can offer us deeper insights into surrendering to the flow of consciousness, then in time struggle gives way to a natural flow.

Meditation has been shown through science to reduce the stress response. Stress is a key factor in Dis-ease whether that be in the body, mind or spirit. Disharmony created by stress will then reflect in your work or/and relationships. With right guidance meditation will become pleasurable and comfortable offering you inner calm and the ability to be with what is.

Step by step Soraya will guide the practitioner towards the experience inner stillness. This class also works with Breathing techniques (pranayama) that calm and quieten the mind for meditation.

Terry Oldfield shares his soul stirring flute magic during as a healing sound journey in these Classes.

Perfect for stress management. Aromatherapy with Young Living Essential Oils enhances this class.

compassion recognises that all the boundaries we perceive between ourselves and others are an illusion.

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