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Terry Oldfield and Soraya

Magical Flutes with Songs & Mantras for Peace

Sunshine Coast, Australia & Europe

Singing opens the heart and frees the soul. In song and music the sense of a separate-self is lost, the mind is still and we abide in peace.

From my early Ashram years I have loved ancient mantras from different cultures. Mantras have been preserved in ancient tonal languages which vibrate through us, and as such there is no need for intellectual interpretation. They touch a deeper place where separation is lost and a feeling of oneness occurs spontaneously.

When I sing ‘I’ disappear and there is only the presence of being singing. My beloved Terry Oldfield experiences this when he plays the flute, he becomes the breath of the flute, pure and born of the moment. His flute music has the ability to transport the listener to a peaceful place.

And when we play together magic happens. There is no need for words…

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“Where Words Fail Music Speaks”  Hans Christian Anderson

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