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Weekly Circle of Friends Online Satsang 

Join Soraya Saraswati and Terry Oldfield for our weekly online satsang of spiritual conversations. Our online satsang is a community of sincere souls dedicated to living awake to our true nature in loving peaceful presence. All are welcome here.

Committing to living awake to our true nature, Aware peaceful Presence is the most powerful offering we can make towards world peace. Challenges will always present in life, but suffering becomes optional when we understand our true nature. We begin to flow with life as it is. We understand we are not our thoughts, patterned behaviours or habits. In seeing through the patterns and beliefs we have accumulated they begin loosen their grip over our life. We become less reactive and more happy.

Join us as we continue developing greater clarity by polishing the window of perception, so it may reflect the life as it is…. without the added mental patter, judgement, reactive patterns and automations. 

Our philosophy

The philosophy discussed here lies at the truth of all great traditions. From Non-Duality, Advaita, Vedanta to Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Zen, the Yogic Vedas etc.
Once we understand who we truly are then clearing away old patterns is vital to remaining awake to our true nature.

Is this for you?  

This Global Satsang may be helpful if  you are sincere about living with greater spiritual clarity. Perfect if one is feeling isolated and alone in a remote area. Sometimes we may have many friends but none that we can have a deep and profound conversation with. Or perhaps you simply wish to become part of an online open, honest and inquiring global spiritual community. 

The Vision for this Global Satsang 

The vision for this Satsang Sangha is to provide a supportive, open and loving community inspiring us to remember our true nature and shine the light of awareness on the old repeating patterns that can obscure this true identity.

There are many of us waking up to who we truly are right now. 

Understanding that we are not this individual body/self having a separate experience that we call ‘our life’ or ‘our story’.

Noticing that we are patterned from early childhood and that these patterns keep us away from the very thing we are craving, true happiness, lasting peace and love.

The innocence and clarity we experience as a baby and young child is soon replaced by a feeling of being separate and not good enough. Fear gradually creeps in and innocent joy turns into unhappiness and a sense of aloneness, feeling not good enough and separate.

If we are lucky enough to have a glimpse of oneness, of the peace that is available when we cease to identify as a separate individual self, then we may begin to ask some very deep and penetrating questions…

 Note: This is an honest forum of inquiry, not a place to advertise your work.

Weekly On-line Satsang

7.00pm AEST  –  8.00pm AEST – 9.00am – 10.00am  GMT

Please email us your request to to join the Satsang. 


While this is a FREE forum donations always welcomed with Gratitude. payPal link below.


Through self-inquiry we begin to question everything we have been directed to believe in our history by society, family and well-meaning teachers.

By asking the question Who am I ?” we begin to discover what we are not  and at the very foundation of who we are not “ we may find that which “we are  : the one awareness that is looking and  expressing through all apparent separate objects in the world of duality.

Once we discover this our whole world may be rocked and never the same again. Yet there is so much more inner work to do, for those old patterns of fear, separation and struggle will  try to take hold once again. That is why after initial  awakening the real work begins.

Support in Maintaining Clarity

Developing and maintaining clarity may require ongoing inquiry and conscious presence. Often we can experience a challenging and rocky time clearing old patterned beliefs and reactive behaviour based on these beliefs. During this time a sense of community can be helpful. It is in this spirit this satsang forum is offered. If this appeals to you then welcome to our Nonduality Satsang Sangha where we share pointings and support each other to clear up and clear out so that consciousness can shine more brightly here.

Helpful Translations

Nonduality:  Not two, only one. The acknowledgment of a substratum of oneness or consciousness connecting and in fact being all  as one. 

Satsang: a safe space where people from different cultures, backgrounds, practices and leanings can share spiritual inquiry in a space of honesty, inquiry and non-judgment.

Sangha:  is a community of friends helping and supporting each other to maintain clear awareness or awake-ness with the sharing of truth from a place of love. Sangha can become more than a community, it can become a deep spiritual practice that holds us accountable to ourselves.


Nondual Satsang Video and Philosophical Discussions

Soraya Saraswati shares clear wisdom from the heart in inspirational nondual satsangs, discussions and interviews with teachers, philosophers and poets. The truth lies where all great philosophies and religions meet. This is in the heart space, a space of open acceptance of life as it is. It is the stories we add to the rawness of life and the resistance to presence that cause pain, suffering and turmoil. 

Happiness and contentment or santosha is our natural state. It is the reactive mind with its limiting beliefs and mental patterns (or the separate-self) that get in the way of us experiencing peace.

So here we attempt to use the Mind to Jump over the Mind. To use intelligence to see through the confusion born of mental and emotional patterning. To see the sky beyond the clouds and ultimately the sun that lights the sky. It is a feeble attempt as we are limited by words and pointings toward a truth that can only be felt in one’s heart. There are as many faces to love as there are doors that lead us home…

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