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Global Astrology 2020 with Deborah Muffet

Global Astrology Of 2020

Global Astrology for 2020 with Deborah and Soraya

The Dance between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter

You’ll really enjoy this juicy podcast with master astrologer Deborah Muffet as we discuss the 2020 global astrology and beyond. We explore the current dance in the sky between 3 powerful planets, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. It is the Saturn/Pluto archetype that correlates with endings, and journeys to the netherworld, and also the fierce quality of our experience. 

The Birth Canal of Change

In 2020 globally we are being squeezed through the birth canal of change. Globally we are being forced into (long time coming) change and hopefully with a positive transformation. This is undoubtably a powerful year, of bush fires, floods, COVID and Global upheaval. So how can we get our heads around the goings on? And allow a deep personal as well as global transformation in 2020. We take a good look at the astrology with the planetary alignments influencing the earth.

A Plutonian Trip to the Underworld

How do we survive this years power mongering and dance with death, playing out in the mythical underworld offering such global unrest? Well if your feeling squeezed, firstly know that it is to be expected and that there is hope for a better future coming. We are in the birth canal now and feeling it big time.

Personal Care in 2020

The old ways have to come to an end before a new way forward is birthed. So, Please reach out for support when you need it. Be kind to yourself and take time to nourish yourself through this time. It is an opportunity for great personal transformation, but you may need support to achieve this. This is not a year to be toughed out alone. I am offering Clarity Sessions or reach out to your family, friends or professionals if you feel the need. 

From Deborah

“The astrological reason that compassion is an archetype wanting to grow in 2020 is that the powerhouse pattern of planets currently linked to our life on Earth is in the sign of Capricorn, which is married to its opposite sign of Cancer. Lots of Capricorn energy, like now, must always be balanced by lots of Cancer energy. As yin balances yang.” Deborah Muffet…

Connect with Deborah Muffet

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