Soraya Saraswati is an International Mentor, Author and Coach inspiring groups to take a more holistic approach, living mindfully with a passion for life and peace of mind.  Soraya Profile 2With over 35 years experience in the wellness industry as a yoga and meditation teacher and naturopath Soraya now combines her life’s work with applied mindfulness and meditation to improve physical mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Soraya offers public speaking in the group or corporate or private setting at seminars events or retreats to inspire people to take greater care and responsibility in restoring and maintaining a healthy mindful balanced lifestyle.

 Are you Relaxed, Vital and Clear? …or are you feeling stressed, exhausted or confused?

Soraya will Listen to the particular needs of your group then offer a program of practical tools to implement to encourage positive change. Soraya is a grounded and clear facilitator inspiring the journey to health and wholeness.

Soraya also speaks for Suicide Prevention inspiring people towards living life to the full, developing self-love and greater resilience through mindful presence and support.

Holistic group sessions are tailored to individual needs.

Soraya is a Registered and Accredited Yoga & Meditation Teacher and works with Applied Mindfulness.  


Dear Soraya

I wanted to express my deep appreciation to you for our session yesterday.
I feel quite a different person today, as if i have a new space in my heart that is filled with light.
I am so grateful to have had your help in facilitating this healing – you are grounded in presence and compassion – a rare gift.
Thank you again
much love
Jane – Brisbane
Hello Soraya,
I just wanted to say “thank you” for the beautiful treatment today. It is exactly what I needed and as usual, I walked out feeling like I have been healed on more than one level. Thank you and I look forward to another treatment really soon. Take care.
Sonya – Sunshine Coast
Over the past 2 years, Soraya has been my naturopath and Yoga teacher, facilitating physical healing, and emotional and spiritual growth. She has inspired my family with the use of essential oils to maintain health at all levels and has taught us ways to help ourselves when we are unwell. Through Soraya, I have also gained a greater level of awareness and acceptance of what is, and the courage to make difficult but important changes in my life. Thank you, Soraya.
Nicole – Sunshine Coast
Finally, feeling relaxed & the flow of energy. The blockage has been shifted. After weeks of feeling wired & not being able to get good sleep, I am so ready for bed @ 6pm on a fri night! Thank you Soraya Saraswati for your healing love. Thank you to me for allowing to give to myself! Blessed be! ♥
Antoinette – QLD
You are the architect of your destiny. Infinite peace is within you. You have a right to experience the peace within.