“REACH OUT – Is Anybody Out There?” – Are we in Danger of Losing Touch with Human Connection?”

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This question began as a joke to get the attention of our teenage son. Hubby Terry Oldfield used to call out toward his room, Is there anybody out there? A composer and tunesmith, Terry soon put it to music and it grew into this present day catchy single “REACH OUT” featuring Spanish guitarist and composer Carlos Garo. This modern technology addiction epidemic gives us plenty to think about.  Yin and Yang, Good and Bad exists in all things but a question that begs contemplation is; “Are we in Danger of Losing Touch with Human Connection?” Business largely runs online now with much of the communication being through recorded messages, robots or clicks… often stuck on hold, (grrrr!) waiting for a real person.  We can in fact get through the day easily without speaking to a real human. Have we become Human Doings instead of Human Beings? And where does mindfulness fit in?

The music clip Reach Out is brilliant playing up our use of emoji’s instead of expressing ‘real emotions and feelings‘. Through a series of clever clips it demonstrates our lack of presence during our everyday tasks mindlessly. There is an ever increasing gap between tangible reality and screen life. Much life is now lived on autopilot lacking real presence as half our awareness is listening for the next bleep – the next call to screen time.

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Dying With Dignity – To Be or Not To Be

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Dying with Dignity also known as Euthanasia (a less appealing term) is something we only think about when we are personally touched by the suffering of a loved one. I had never thought too much about it until recently. It has been a big year already for me. After Terry’s health challenges from November to January we were just getting our balance back when my mother who had been living with cancer, became gravely ill, her suffering extending for weeks as she waited impatiently to die.

She was so brave facing her failing body with a clear mind till the last breath. Cancer can be a very cruel disease and watching her deterioration really made me think a lot about the lack of choice in Australia to ‘die with Dignity’.  ‘Dying with dignity’ as a personal choice has a growing following, largely brought into the Australian public eye by Andrew Denton. Dying with Dignity, also know by a less kind word  Euthanasia is the offering of a personal choice around one’s dying to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. There are staunch believers in both sides of this debate but I wonder if should it come down to the very personal choice of the person who is dying?
My mother was ready to die, and she expressed this to us, her family and her carers many times. An animal lover herself, she would say, “I would not let an animal suffer like this. Take me to the vet, I am ready to go.”

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Self-Care with ‘Daily Love-Me Rituals’

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Why not start the year with greater Self-Care with some Daily Love-Me Rituals?  As a teacher, writer, musician, wife and mother I fit a lot into my day. The thing is, I love everything I do, so I have found a way to have the energy for all the things I love and maintain a healthy balance: ‘My daily love-me rituals’.  This does not mean life won’t hit us with some big challenges – it will and believe me my loved ones and I have had our share of those.  A daily dose of Selfing, as we call it, is not selfish but helps maintain daily balance. A little dose of daily self-love and care will go a Long way. So maybe this is something you need to add to your day…

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Terry Oldfield loses his eye to a Choroidal Melanoma

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This is the story of my husband Terry Oldfield, a musician and composer who has lost his eye this summer due to the discovery of a Choroidal Melanoma. I hope that this is helpful to others facing the huge challenge of enucleation (Eye Removal) and Monocular vision.

As we age we come face to face with our mortality, and we can see things quite differently. The carefree sense of immortality may either fade into a calm acceptance of the natural ageing process or raise fears around the loss of youth and facing death. This year great artists of our lifetime have passed over including David Bowie, Prince and our beloved Leonard Cohen. Being a 9 year it’s the end of a cycle.

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Mindfulness, Yoga and Mental Freedom

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The yoga sutras begin with “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” – This is the best and most original definition of the Essence of Yoga and a foundation of Mindfulness. Translated as “Yoga is the cessation of the disturbances or modifications of the mind”. These disturbances are all our self-perpetuated thoughts, opinions, judgements etc that disturb the calm mind. That create ripples or tsunami’s thus disturbing the quiet mind and throwing us into turmoil. on the On the 1st of January 1982 after receiving Sannyasa under the Saraswati (Shankaracharya) Lineage, I was told that as such my life’s work would be to become ‘master of the mind’. A daunting task, but at 21, young and ambitious, I felt invincible and committed. Little did I know……

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