The Wave

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The wave is not seperate to the ocean. It is the ocean taking form, no greater and no less than. It is always one with the ocean even though it may feel higher, more or less important or seperate from. In the same way each form or object is an expression of the one consciousness. We as forms may feel separate from, more special or less than but we are none other than the one consciousness, just as the wave is never seperate from the ocean.

As I was weeding in the garden the other day this poem appeared so I wrote it down…. Soraya

The wave

The wave rose up slowly
Building in dynamism and power
Majestic and full of life and promise
Lenses pointed from the shoreline
To preserve the moment as history
Surfers paddled frantically toward it
Drawn by the powerful pull of the dream
They rode the wave strong and clear
Some balanced, some falling, some drowning
Some riding the crest in all it’s glory
But all disappeared back as the wave herself
Melted back as the ocean calm and perfect
The wave, now, simply a memory of a life past
Resting again in the one consciousness
The one ocean of bliss that it always was and is
Beyond time, space, name, shape and form
and is in itself the one… who is seen as many
In the dream world of waves and wonders

Silence: Review, Reflect and Realise

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As the year draws to an end it may be helpful spend time in silence to review, reflect and realise. Time to Review choices, Reflect on achievements as well as losses and acknowledge any life changing Realisations that emerge naturally from a place of inner knowing.
Life as a human unit moves fast and we can get so caught up with the next thing that we don’t have quiet reflection time. Yet taking quiet time and space to tune in and reflect can help inner-wisdom/knowing to emerge with greater clarity. This can naturally lead us from reacting to life toward clear wise mindful action flowing with life.

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Visiting Young Living Helichrysum Farm Croatia

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I recently traveled to Croatia to see Young Living’s Helichrysum Farm with my husband Terry. Helichrysum is a special and very expensive oil from such a  little herb that grows wild among the rocks. I wanted to discover the story behind this bottle of oil we enjoy so much from the Young Living Essential Oils range. Quite the adventure unfolded in this beautiful country that lies along the Dalmatian Coastline, called such due to the Islands dotted all along the coastline. I am ever grateful for how being a YL distributer has opened up my life to discover far flung places holding nature’s hidden secrets.

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Fear of Losing Self-Identity in Awakening

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Have you ever faced the fear of something and done it anyway?  During awakening to our true identity we may face our deepest fear. The fear of death. Ultimately FEAR is linked to our separate ego’s need to be successful. The ego’s fear of failure or death drives much of our reactive behaviour. Both Terry Oldfield and I write about just how we overcame buried false beliefs in these blogs: Terry shares overcoming his fear to speak and be heard and myself overcoming the fear to Sing.

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Overcoming the Fear to Sing: Temple Moon

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People often tell me I have a divine voice when husband Terry Oldfield and I share our music. Well it has not always been that way. I loved to sing as a child, bold and fearless, singing my heart out, without a care in the world. My sisters and I would play ‘Young Talent Time” with my parents as the audience. Corny I know…but we’d laugh and clap and it was joyous. But my open innocent confidence was crushed at 10 years old when I was rejected for the school choir, and told by the unfeeling teacher that I didn’t have a voice. I can’t sing was the message I received from her, loud and clear and this locked into my body. This negative untrue belief sadly silenced my singing voice for years.

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