Global Satsang: Freedom from Mental Patterns

We all seek freedom from the mental patterns in our monkey mind. We crave the freedom of peaceful presence which offers relief from mental patterns. When we feel fully present with what is, peace simply is. In the experience of presence there is no resistance to the flow of consciousness.

Power Up Your Dreams

Become Empowered to Live Your Dream Join us for a Wonder Full Day of  releasing the Blocks that leave us feeling confused and unfulfilled. This day will include: Music, Meditations, YL Essential Oils, Release Techniques, Awakening to Love & Joy, Movement.… Read More »Power Up Your Dreams

DETOX YOUR LYMPHATIC SYSTEM – Prevention against Cancer

Your Lymphatic system is a important key to a healthy body!

Lymphatic Stagnation can cause a stagnation of LIFE FORCE. Does life feel like it is not flowing? Are you may feel stuck? Perhaps you have had a recent Viral attack such as Ross River Virus, Ebstein Barr or Glandular Fever?