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What is Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach aiming to restore a healthy state of balance of body, mind and spirit and reduce suffering. It aims to empower the individual awaken to peaceful presence and thus take charge of their health with confidence. This is achieved through the integration of the ancient practices of yoga, an understanding of energy and the psycho-emotional lessons of the chakras which direct us to higher choices. Soraya also integrates the sister science of Ayurveda (the science of life), specific for your unique personality and physical type. Based at Mangalam Yoga and Meditation Retreat on the Sunshine Coast near Brisbane Soraya offers her work online or in person.

As a spiritual teacher Soraya offers a holistic approach meeting you where you’re at in your journey to health and freedom. With 40 years of teaching, 20 years of naturopathy together with trauma informed therapies and TRE trauma release you are in good hands. Soraya is also qualified as an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant who combines the sister science of Ayurveda with Yoga Therapy.


  • Certificate in nutrition
  • Senior Yoga Teacher – Yoga Australia
  • Certificate Yoga Therapy
  • Certificate in Clinical Ayurveda
  • Dip in Naturopathy
  • Bush Flower Essences
  • Cert Trauma Sensitive Yoga
  • Cert TRE trauma-tension release 
  • Reiki Master Teacher

Unlike a general class, yoga therapy is specific to your individual  requirements. Our needs are as unique as are our bodies and life situations. Your session will be tailored accordingly eg: postures may be dynamic, gentle, modified or adaptive, restful and restorative unique to you. You may be given Ayurvedic lifestyle and dietary suggestions, herbs, breathing techniques, meditations, mantra and contemplations.


Casual Therapy Session with Soraya Cost $120

3 Therapy Sessions with Soraya Recommended Cost $300

Organise a Day one-on-one Workshop $350

Contact me and I’ll be in touch to organise a suitable time..

“Awaken from the dream and abide as peaceful awareness that perceives the dream.”

I have received yoga therapy sessions with Soraya to further develop my own practices. I have always felt grateful for the blend of live mantra, yoga and meditation in each class. I have also attended retreats provided by Soraya which have included deeper mindful meditation practices and the use of sound and music to aid in deeper relaxation and peace. As I have attended these events over the years, I have always been impressed by Soraya’s dedication to ongoing study in the area of yoga, meditation, yoga therapy and its interaction with psychology and current research about the role of mindfulness and yoga in mental well-being. I have benefited personally from this deep understanding which Soraya shares generously. As a psychologist myself, I can see the benefit in my own daily life of the regular practice I have adopted as a result of ongoing work with Soraya. This work helps me to be more mindful in my normal daily life, my body feels strong and flexible from regular guided yoga practice, and I feel a sense of peace that I believe is significantly influenced by the work I have done with Soraya. Nicole Fraine - Psychologist Sunshine Coast
Hi Soraya I would like to sincerely thank you for the session with our retreat women on Saturday. It was perfect on so many levels. The women enjoyed it immensely and it has inspired the women to find a program in their area. I think that a couple of them will be in touch with you. The oils were amazing, I have a headache sensitivity to many aromatherapy oils that I’ve used in the past but I had absolutely no reaction to the ones that you gave us. You are an amazing instructor and we were blessed to have you lead us through the session. Kind regards Michelle Peer Support Coordinator
Dear Soraya I wanted to express my deep appreciation to you for our session yesterday. I feel quite a different person today, as if i have a new space in my heart that is filled with light. I am so grateful to have had your help in facilitating this inner healing - you are grounded in presence and compassion - a rare gift. Thank you again much love Jane
Soraya Saraswati
Yoga Teacher - Yoga Therapist - Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Benefits of Yoga Therapy – Yoga Nidra

Very much a whole lifestyle approach yoga therapy can be adapted to fit into your daily routine to enhance health, support during convalescence, for fitness, diet or to improve energy levels and peace of mind. As mentioned as a skilled yoga therapist I can help you develop a range of tools for improving physical wellness and mental and emotional well-being. By addressing specific health concerns or to deepen your spiritual practice in order to enhance life experience. I also include knowledge from the ancient system of health care, Ayurveda, and have studied nutrition and naturopathy. Together with breath-work, yoga nidra, mindfulness tips and meditation this a holistic approach. So everyone serious about improving health and happiness can benefit from yoga therapy if they are willing to make some lifestyle changes and commit to a routine of practice.

Health Improvements with Yoga Therapy 

By receiving a personalised program tailored to your goals and needs yoga therapy can offer physical, mental and emotional support. Benefits may include

  • Deeper relaxation of the nervous system
  • Improved quality of sleep – anxiety reduction
  • Improved bodily strength & flexibility
  • Healthy ageing – osteoporosis and menopause support
  • Support through chronic illness or cancer treatment
  • Improvement in  joint stiffness-arthritis
  • Improved bodily posture and strength
  • Improved breath capacity and lung health
  • Improved digestion and assimilation
  • Clarity of mind 
  • Deepen in your spiritual practice

 Specific Yoga Nidra Benefits

Soraya is an expert in Yoga Nidra. A classical guided meditation or relaxation practice that systematically calms and soothes the entire nervous system. Yoga nidra is practiced lying supine on the back comfortably in a posture known as shavasana. As such it can be practiced in bed or even hospital during convalescence with great benefit. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for body, mind and spirit, yoga nidra is also the perfect antidote for life’s everyday stresses.

A Modern Day Panacea

In fact yoga nidra is a modern day panacea which can be incorporated with any healing modality to enhance energy levels, overcome trauma and everyday energy and rejuvenation. It is fantastic for busy mothers and business people. Benefits can be derived from just 10 mins practice daily. Soraya has several recordings of yoga nidra and may record one specific to your needs. Purchase as a cd or download and read more on yoga nidra here….

Yoga Therapy Following Up

After your initial consultation we connect a week or so later to check your program is working for you, make any adjustments and to iron out any challenges you may be having. It is important not to develop confusion or poor postural habits. This keeps you inspired and committed to your practice. Progression is according to your personal needs on a monthly basis. 

As with any health advice Yoga Therapy is progressive according to your ability, needs and goals. It is important to progress safely on all levels under expert guidance of a qualified yoga therapist teacher.