Yoga Therapy with Soraya

Yoga Therapy 

Restoring Healthy Balance

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach aiming to restore a healthy balance body, mind and spirit. This is achieved through the integration of the ancient practices of yoga to your unique personality and physical type. Soraya is a qualified and experienced yoga therapist with a wealth of knowledge to share. Soraya offers Yoga Therapy online or in person at Mangalam Retreat outside Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast.

Receive a Personalised Practice

You will receive a personalised program specific to your goals and needs. This may include body movement or asanas, postures, breathing techniques (pranayama), mindfulness tips and a meditation practice. It  will also include healthy lifestyle postural advice specific to your needs. 


Each consultation and resulting program is tailored to address your specific goals and to improve your area of need or dis-ease. 

Following Up

We connect a week later to check your program is working for you, make any adjustments and to iron out any challenges you may be having. It is important not to develop confusion or poor postural habits. This keeps you inspired to commit to your practice. Then we progress according to your personal needs on a monthly basis. 

As with any health advice Yoga Therapy is progressive according to your ability, needs, goals and progression. It is important to progress safely on all levels with your teacher.

Holistic Approach

I draw on my personal skills from naturopathy, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, Ayurveda and yoga therapy  in our session.

In your session we will identify movement patterns, sleep, nutritional needs and lifestyle habits as well as spiritual and emotional imbalances that may be contributing to your dis-ease.

We may also address any underlying patterns, beliefs and reactivity that may relate to your condition.

Self-Inquiry and Personal Transformation

With loving inquiry and compassionate investigation underlying patterns may be recognised, understood and processed.  This can often offer a profound shift and a return to health with long lasting peace.

Step by Step

This is a step by step process of self-inquiry with a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of mind that may get in the way.

You may be offered tailored recorded mindfulness/yoga, breath-work or meditative techniques, and processes to support the process. 

Soraya’s Qualifications

Soraya is a qualified and registered with Yoga Therapy Australia and the IYTA. Soraya offers a wealth of knowledge with over 40 years experience. Soraya also worked as a Naturopath for 20 years.

I have received yoga therapy sessions with Soraya to further develop my own practices. I have always felt grateful for the blend of live mantra, yoga and meditation in each class. I have also attended retreats provided by Soraya which have included deeper mindful meditation practices and the use of sound and music to aid in deeper relaxation and peace. As I have attended these events over the years, I have always been impressed by Soraya’s dedication to ongoing study in the area of yoga, meditation, yoga therapy and its interaction with psychology and current research about the role of mindfulness and yoga in mental well-being. I have benefited personally from this deep understanding which Soraya shares generously. As a psychologist myself, I can see the benefit in my own daily life of the regular practice I have adopted as a result of ongoing work with Soraya. This work helps me to be more mindful in my normal daily life, my body feels strong and flexible from regular guided yoga practice, and I feel a sense of peace that I believe is significantly influenced by the work I have done with Soraya. Nicole Fraine - Psychologist Sunshine Coast
Hi Soraya I would like to sincerely thank you for the session with our retreat women on Saturday. It was perfect on so many levels. The women enjoyed it immensely and it has inspired the women to find a program in their area. I think that a couple of them will be in touch with you. The oils were amazing, I have a headache sensitivity to many aromatherapy oils that I’ve used in the past but I had absolutely no reaction to the ones that you gave us. You are an amazing instructor and we were blessed to have you lead us through the session. Kind regards Michelle Peer Support Coordinator
Dear Soraya I wanted to express my deep appreciation to you for our session yesterday. I feel quite a different person today, as if i have a new space in my heart that is filled with light. I am so grateful to have had your help in facilitating this inner healing - you are grounded in presence and compassion - a rare gift. Thank you again much love Jane
Soraya Saraswati
Yoga Teacher - Yoga Therapist

Spiritual Clarity Sessions with Soraya

Perhaps you’ve had a spiritual awakening that you don’t understand? Many people are awakening at this time. This can create confusion and many questions will arise. In fact we will often question everything we have previously believed in. And that is ok. 

These one on one sessions with Soraya are designed to point you toward greater clarity with a more grounded understanding.

Confusion and Oscillation

These sessions are intuitive and individual. When we begin to question our conditioned way of expression we can feel adrift. Emotions may oscillate and often feel alone and depending on our circumstances isolated.

Old reactive patterns will arise. We see they no longer serve our highest good. It can take time and keen awareness to see through these old patterns or old conditioning.

The path of Love

I am dedicated to the path of living awake to the love that streams through us all and connects us as one. Our work will be to see through the illusory  blocks (that seem so real) that leave us feeling separate and less than… thus preventing us from knowing and experiencing the love and perfection that is always and ever available.

My promise

As your mentor I promise to point you toward a deeper understanding. To see through the dream of the constructed-self with all the limiting beliefs and conditioning gathered thus far. I aim to lovingly point us always towards the truth through intelligent inquiry.  

During a session we will explore who you truely are.

Contact me and I’ll be in touch to organise a suitable time.. 

“Awaken from the dream and abide as peaceful awareness that perceives the dream.”