Young Living Essential Oils

The Wonderful World of Essential Oils

Harvesting Nature’s Abundance

Welcome to the aromatic world of Young Living Essential Oils. Harvested directly from mother nature’s garden, our essential oils are pure and authentic. I have been using eo’s for over 30 years and they are an integral part of my healthy lifestyle. Click to join our Young Living Team or keep reading to learn more about this wonderful company.

Why Young Living Essential Oils

I used essential oils for many years before discovering Young Living. Young Living took my appreciation and understanding of essential oils to a whole new level. I am proud to be a distributer and educator of these therapeutic grade oils. 

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Therapeutic Grade

Being therapeutic grade you can feel safe that you are using only the best with Young Living. Uniting ancient wisdom, modern science and state-of-the-art science and technology is our key to provide you and your loved ones and/or your clients with exquisite therapeutic grade oils. This is a wonderful company dedicated to authenticity and the sustainability of oils for our future. Young Living has farms all over the world as well as working with share farming, supporting local communities with employment and education. And it’s an ethical company that supports amazing charity work globally. 

Seed To Seal 

Every aspect of young living oils is the best quality from the best seeds, planting, harvesting, distilling the oils, scientific testing for quality and bottling for our use. Most of the farms are on pristine land. Chemical free farming is practiced with use of worm farming, composting, picking at the peak oil levels and low pressure and heat distilling. This preserves the therapeutic qualities of our oils. 

Young Living is a Global Company

Young Living essential oils are available Globally with farms in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. And with locations on 6 continents and with 25 open markets you can share with friends all over the world. I have visited many of the farms and as an avid gardener been so impressed by the ethics of organic growing.

Oil Infused Personal Care and Health Products

Young Living Essential Oils is an ecological company harnessing the power of therapeutic grade essential oils and also offering amazing chemical-free household products, personal care products and health products. The ‘Thieves Range’ has become famous. Our home runs on thieves cleaning products.

Essential Oils Grown on Australian Farms

Did you know that more of our essential oils are grown in Australia than any other country? Well it is true. Some of our Australian oils include: Blue Cypress (Darwin), Indian Sandalwood (Kununurra), Australian Ericifolia (lavender tea tree – Tasmania), Kunzea (Tasmania), Australian Ericifolia (tea tree-NSW) to name a few.

Can I share with you?

As an independent distributor and educator (together with my husband) of these wonderful products I am happy to share and support your journey with essential oils.

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Health & Harmony? Body Mind and Spirit Yes, indeed!

Essential oils have enhanced our lives in so many ways. We use them daily to clear spaces, shift vibrations, as perfume and in our cooking and in cleaning and Young Living has a fantastic range of personal care products. They hold an important place in our home for work, rest and play. In addition, Young Living offers fantastic personal care products, non-chemical cleaning, mineral, health answers, and our famous NingXia Red Super Juice.

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Our Dedicated Oils Website

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The Science Behind The Product

It is important to me to know I am getting the best, most pure product. So please watch the video below narrated by the chief scientist at Young Living Dr. Michael Buch, who by the way is a great guy too. 

The following video is about Sacred Frankincense in Oman with Young Living Founder Gary Young, who sadly passed away in 2019.  Enjoy…