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Heal Yourself - Heal The World

Awakening Hearts Mentorships

Guidance, Connection and Transformation

with Soraya Saraswati

Awakening Hearts Mentorships
Or can be tailored as a personal mentorship to fit your needs

Private ‘Awakening Hearts Mentorships’ are tailored to suit your schedule and budget. A commitment to inner transformation and a willingness to process and release the physical impact of past  trauma, grief, deeply held patterns that undermine confidence is required.  These mentorships are designed to build a sense of self-love, confidence, embodiment and awaken a deep understanding of living in peaceful presence from an awakened heart. We embrace this work with self-love, loving kindness and compassion. Our aim to Shine our brightest light. Email Soraya to discuss further details, your personal needs and tailor your mentorship. 


with an Awakening Hearts Mentorship

Transformational Self-Discovery Journey


Mentorships May Inclusion:

 To join a group: it includes two Three day Awakening Hearts intensive* at Mangalam Retreat on the Sunshine Coast                                       
 Retreat info & to book your space.
Fortnightly live online 40 min gentle mindful yoga, breath, meditation and TRE class
Fortnightly online 2 hr session: the psycho-emotional gifts/lessons of the chakras – Ayurveda – Yoga Psychology 
 Three 1:1 Transformational sessions with Soraya online or in-person
Access to the Awakening Hearts Portal with class & music recordings for 3 months
Books guiding our journey with further contemplations, promptings, and inspirations
Investment $3,200 inc GST Early-bird $2,900 inc GST 
$500 deposit to save your space. Numbers limited.
 Option available to set up a fortnightly, monthly or 4 part payment plan

Are you ready to love yourself 100%?
To commit to a transformational, self-love and self-care program?

The Awakening Hearts Mentorship offers real life tools and support to systematically peel back the layers of confusion, undermining belief patterns and fears that no longer serve our highest good.

Together with ancient  wisdom, modern psychology, mindfulness, deep inquiry, breath work, music, voice, movement and song, meditation, TRE and somatic trauma release work we will peel back the layers that cover our brightest light.

We’ll be working with the chakra system and energy body through the lens of the heart.

When Intention, Expression and Action align anything is possible.

Under expert guidance of Soraya be inspired and guided to establish a personal body, mind and spirit health program to align head, heart and hands.

Discover the power of sound, music and movement.

Terry Oldfield master musician, song writer and awesome flute master will join the three day intensives sharing the power of live music with Soraya.

This is not a fluffy new age program – It is grounded in solid knowledge and wisdom with a life changing structure.

Mangalam Yoga Music Meditation Retreat
Soraya Saraswati and Terry Oldfield at Mangalam Retreat

Learning to Live with Clarity, Gratitude and Grace

Soraya Teaching Yoga Nidra in Brisbane

Are you ready for a life of Empowerment, Purpose & Prosperity? 

Do you feel the call to awaken with greater clarity, courage, strength & gratitude?

With the support of a growing group of amazing people dedicated to living awake?

Are you ready to align the head, heart and hands with awakened heart coherence? 

Maybe you’re struggling with motivation, confusion, fear, or self-doubt?
Or stuck in looping mental patterns and lifestyle habits that are holding you back?

Or past trauma that is still triggering your pain body into reactive behaviour?

Does your nervous system lock into sympathetic fight and flight or perhaps freeze at times, bringing feelings of confusion, anxiety or spiritual depression at times?

Then the Awakening Hearts Mentorship is for you...

As a facilitator and teacher I am not here to heal you. I can, however, point the way and hold space for you as you heal yourself.

Are you ready to shine?


Soraya Saraswati is an intuitive therapist and teacher. An author, Ayurvedic health coach and yoga therapist specialising in yoga nidra, meditation and the psycho-emotional lessons of the chakras.

Soraya has dedicated her work in the past 3 years to supporting people to overcome the effects of Trauma. Facilitating  TRE trauma & tension release with somatic therapies to overcome the stress and burnout in a challenging global climate. 

Her great joy is to sing with mantra and music and work in Mangalam’s extensive permaculture garden.  A  mother, grandmother, free spirit and facilitator with 40 years experience Soraya has a lot to offer.

“I have been living, breathing and teaching this work for over 40 years. Together with partner Terry Oldfield, well known musician and composer, Soraya’s done 14 European tours running workshops and concerts. They also run and annual Indian Retreat.

Soraya’s book: Shining Through from Grief to Gratitude

Love & Peace are the fulfilment of life

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