numerology for 2022

Numerology For 2022

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Soraya’s interview with numerologist Renze De Witte discussing the numerology for 2022 is fascinating, revealing and insightful. Renze speaks of the build up to todays global unfolding beginning with a big shift in 2020 and the energies going forward towards 2023. With global shifts and water disasters mother earth could be shaking humanity to it’s senses. 

Quinoa Porridge

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Quinoa An Ancient Grain Quinoa is an ancient grain with great nutritional content. High in protein and minerals, gluten free and easy to cook. Quinoa Porridge sets you up for the day. It is a great food source especially for… Read More »Quinoa Porridge

Our Capacity for Resilience

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The Human Capacity for Resilience We humans can surprise ourselves over and over again with our capacity for Resilience. Resilience is when after stressful events, trauma and duress our nervous system can be restored to balance. With right healing, courage,… Read More »Our Capacity for Resilience

Indra’s Net, Vibration and Global Consciousness

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You and I are Creating Global Consciousness

What do Indra’s Net, Vibration and Global Consciousness have in common? Each of us is like a broadcasting antenna, resonating our energetic vibrations out into the field of global consciousness. And that Consciousness is being created, attuned and refined moment to moment. Shifting and changing depending on the vibrations emitted both here and collectively. And beyond this there is a vibration of pure divine love that is the sub-stratum of creation. Yet most of us have drunk the draft of forgetfulness and we no longer feel that divine love that we are…

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Trauma and the Psoas Muscle

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The Mysterious Psoas Muscle

There’s quite a lot of mystery around the amazing psoas muscle. For good reason as the psoas (so-as) is the primary muscle that connects the body with the legs, which is a pretty big deal. The health of the psoas muscle affects our health, mobility, sense of inner freedom and bodily comfort. It moves through the body, from the spine to the front of the hips, yep right through that very vulnerable part of our body, the pelvis. Thus the psoas muscle is also known as our fight, flight and freeze muscle. So let’s explore this amazing part of our body in relation to healing from trauma and experiencing inner freedom. I am writing this blog as a Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist and TRE practitioner

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