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Shining Through: From Grief to Gratitude

Shining Through From Grief to Gratitude

Shining Through From Grief to Gratitude is a powerful memoir of Soraya’s painful grief after loss of her teenage son Prem and brother Gil to suicide. Soraya shares both Prem’s and her journey through the underworld of pain, shame, hope and despair, to a place of acceptance, healing and awakening to peaceful presence. This book offers hope as Soraya shares here awakening from Grief to Gratitude.

This Book Offers Hope

This book offers support and understanding to those who’ve known the painful grief that comes from the tragic loss of a friend or loved one to suicide. And ultimately a glimpse of the possibility of rediscovering inner peace and gratitude. Soraya has emerged from her nightmare journey to a whole new way of being. With love and compassion Soraya now supports others finding their way through the sticky web of trauma, hurt, grief and loss.

A Parents Rite of Passage

Shining Through From Grief and Gratitude’ is a parents rite of passage through bereavement by suicide, secrets and spirituality. A very honest and raw memoir, Shining Through From Grief To Gratitude will have you riveted from cover to cover. From Outback Australia to Indian Ashrams, Greek temples and American Indian Sweat Lodges this is a journey a soul yearning for freedom.

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A deep spiritual journey with grief

Soraya shares her deep spiritual journey with grief, interwoven with the wisdom of forgiveness, gratitude and freedom with mindful presence. Seven years in the writing, Soraya dedicates this book to the memory of both her brother Gil and son Prem lost to suicide.

About Shining Through: Interview from the ‘Courier Mail

Shining Through has also received five independent. Read the 5 star reviews….

Read Chapter 1 – Shining Through – from Grief to Gratitude

I have no choice but to surrender my hopes and dreams for this child of my heart. As I look out the window, the sun is setting as it does every other day. The perfect tangerine ball drops behind the distant mountains, silhouetted by a hazy pink border. It throws a soft, golden light on the brown skin of my beautiful boy lying in the bed beside me, on the second floor of an Australian Hospital.

The past week has been a roller coaster ride of hope and despair. How we came to this point is beyond me. I did everything in my power to avoid it and yet here I sit helpless and defeated as my son’s life slips away. All we have now are these precious last moments together. I need to savour them, because I am not ready to let go yet. My feelings are a twisted knot of confusion, despair, and emptiness. I’ve given up all hope of seeing my boy alive and happy. Prem is gasping his final breaths as I wait for him to pass over to a better place, a place of peace, light, and love, where the cruelness of the human world cannot hurt him anymore. A place where he’ll receive the healing his soul requires.

I look at the eyelids covering his beautiful, brown eyes. He looks peaceful enough. There’s only the rise and fall of his chest and the haunting sound of his body desperately clinging to life. I feel as if I’m taking every breath with him. With every heartbeat I experience my own waves of pain, shock, grief, and love. How did I end up in this strange hospital? Why am I in this alien place, waiting for my son to slip away forever? 

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