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Sunshine Coast Divine Flute & Sacred Songs

Music Afternoons Terry Oldfield and Soraya

Music | Sacred Songs & Mantras for Peace

 Sunday Afternoons @ Mangalam Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast 

Join Terry Oldfield and Soraya for a full moon gathering. After Chai on the deck there is group singing of sacred songs and mantras with Terry’s divine flute. We end the session with a deep sound meditation. Check the events page, generally around full moon time at Mangalam.

Terry is a tunesmith and composer and writes moving philosophic songs. Weaving the sounds of nature, philosophy in sacred songs with his divine flute magic and the group singing of mantras we offer a unique experience. 

Benefits of Music and Singing

  • Singing opens the heart and tones the vagus nerve. 
  • Singing calms and quietens the mind offering inner spaciousness. 
  • While singing Mantra with gentle Music the sense of a separate-self or the ‘little me’ vanishes.
  • The mind thus becomes still and we abide naturally in peace. 

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