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Soraya's Mindfuness Meditations

Soraya’s Mindfulness Meditations

In these challenging times I offer these free mindfulness meditations to calm, ground and support your wellbeing. These free mindfulness meditations are simple, short and easy to follow audio mp3’s.

Your Mind Is Not Who You Are!

Your mind is a wonderful tool. It is not who you truly are. Yet we tend to identify ourselves as our thoughts. This is dangerous as the mind is a sticky place. If we try and follow every thought that arises we may just go mad. If you’d like to be released from the entanglement of the crazy monkey mind, read on..

What is Mindfulness and How can it Help me?

 Mindfulness practices work with awareness and observation. By observation of the bodily senses, mental and reactive patterns in the present moment we notice we are not that. We become the non-judgemental observer with the curiosity and openness of a child.

Mindfulness is now recognised globally

Mindfulness is growing in momentum today as an intelligent and empowering way to deal with fluctuations of the mind.

Our mind is a powerful manifesting mechanism and we are writing the script of our life moment by moment by what we focus on. And deep rooted patterns grow from conscious, subconscious and unconscious mental reinforcement.

The Looping Thought Train

Sadly the mind is often looping with thoughts of everything we don’t want. We’re often living in the past or fantasising about a future based on fearful projections.

The old reactive patterns and beliefs behind these automatic looping thoughts and the feelings and emotions they evoke may be sabotaging our relationship with life.

Step By Step Mind Management

To overcome the bombardment of thought that invades our peace of mind. Mindfulness is based on ancient yogic and buddhist principles. It is simple, intelligent and easy to follow.

Step by step we can retrain our nervous system to embrace relaxation with inner calm. As we do so our life will begin to reflect a peaceful and more coherent sense of flow.

There are many benefits to mindfulness including:

  • enhanced physical mental and emotional relaxation
  • Improved communication skills
  • A calmer outlook on life
  • Improved focus and concentration skills
  • Learning how to deal with overwhelm, anxiety and mild depression
  • Greater compassion and loving kindness toward ourself and others
  • Deep Realisations about the True Self
Here I’m offering a few simple techniques to get you started here. However I do work one-on-one with people and with groups, or organisations.

 ONE-ON-ONE Clarity Sessions with Soraya

I would love to work with you one on one either in person or online.

Meanwhile enjoy these free very simple meditations from my heart.


Please allow 6-10 mins undisturbed space for each practice

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Nonduality Oneness or Advaita

Applied Mindfulness clearly enhances grounded body presence relaxes and calms our Nervous System helping overcome anxiety. It leads us naturally to understand we are not our body or mind.

We are not our Thoughts

We quickly come to realise we are not our thoughts. What a relief…As such we learn not to identify with arising thoughts or feelings. We see like the clouds in the sky –  “they too will pass.”

Awareness is the Key

As we become aware of thoughts, feelings, body and the changing mental-emotional landscape… we realise we are not any of those things. We can observe them, and as the witness we are not limited. As the silent witness or perceiver we are released from identification with our thoughts.

The Body Temple

We begin to understand this  perception box or body temple (the body & senses) is our way of experiencing the physical world. It is not who we truly are, so why pin our full identification on the body.

The Great Maya – Illusion

The yogis say phenomenal life is but a dream or illusion – the Great Maya. The famous playwright Shakespeare also said ‘All the world is a Stage’.

Beyond Mindfulness 

This is where we come to realise who we truly are, beyond the limited physical  individual, subject, body, object..

Going deeper we may begin to ask…

“What or Who is observing the senses?” 

The obvious answer is, “I am.”

This begs the age old and deepest question, “Who am I?… (if not these 5 senses in this body)“.

Going beyond mindfulness through self-inquiry we begin to see that we are not limited to this physical bodily experience we call me or I.

We are that through which we are looking or perceiving, awareness itself. 

Deconstruction of the Body-Mind Identification

As the separate individual body-mind is deconstructed, we come to realise we are far more magnificent that ever imagined.

We are the all pervading one presence that is every and always peaceful. We are the sky behind the clouds.. The screen behind the Movie.. The calm behind the storm.. The One Presence that is I am…

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