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Could Candida Be Ruining Your Life?


Could Yeast Be Ruining your Life?

Candida is a yeast, together with around 500 other important microorganisms present in gut of a healthy person. Candida normally reproduces slowly in right balance with all the other bacteria and yeasts in your gut, however when this balance is upset our health is affected. This imbalance can often be triggered by stress, excess sugar consumption or antibiotic use. The candida can then proliferate out of control. Overgrowth or ‘Candidiasis’ may then become a hidden factor creeping in to undermine health. Candida excretes health eroding toxins which tax our liver and can cause more serious dis-ease as our health is worn down.

Are You always Exhausted?  Is your digestion all over the place?

Candidiasis can interfere with proper digestion and the assimilation of vital nutrients, to cause fatigue, and chronic dis-ease in the Body. Some of the conditions associated with Candidiasis are; Irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, PMS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, allergies, weight gain, vaginitis, skin rashes, lack of focus, mood swings and depression.


Eliminating Sugar is a Great first step to reclaiming health.

With societies overconsumption and addiction to food additives, Sugar and Sweets, processed foods, Prescription drugs like

antibiotics and the Contraceptive Pill couples with stressful lifestyles, this sneaky problem is epidemic. Living in the warm moist tropical climates can exacerbate symptoms and candida can take the form of rashes, infected toe or fingernails. Baby’s may have a candida nappy rash that is stubborn to shift which can in time weaken their health and cause allergies and sensitivities.

                   “Did you Know Yeast are fed by Sugars?”

Healthy eating of natural organic foods, the elimination of sugar and wheat and yeast products and a reduction of grains together with the addition of  Probiotics and replacement of lacking nutrients such as B vitamins are key in shifting this insidious overgrowth and regaining a healthy balanced population of gut microbes. Thyroid function and hormone balance may require addressing. Meditation and mindfulness in action will assist your miraculous body to relax and heal.

Eliminating Mould from your HOME

Living with toxic black mould in your home can be disastrous. Essential oils such as the Young Living Thieves blend and Melrose can be very useful in treating environmental causes of candida. Mouldy areas in the home that may exacerbate symptoms especially in the lungs, as we inhale tiny mould spores.

Thieves Essential Oil is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary therapeutic grade essential oils. If thieves oil is cold air diffused it has been shown to kill the millions of airborne mould spores that we would otherwise be inhaling. There is also a thieves household cleaner, toothpaste, hand wash which can be used to clean floors benches and walls to kill mould.

Candida is a serious dis-ease and it is advised to see your Naturopath or health professional to seek expert advice.

Soraya is a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and Products including the Thieves Range.

Soraya Saraswati  N.D.


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