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Choose Love or Fear

Choose Love or Fear

The world seems to have gone mad or perhaps it is just publicising its madness more in the media. What does love or fear have to do with toilet paper, corona virus and rice?  Them being the hot topics on social media here in Australia atm. Well, I guess it’s good we can still have a laugh. After all it boosts up our immune system. And happy hormones do good things in our bodies. Who would have thought there would be such a fuss, not to mention a global travel panic, economic crashes and work disruption over what they say is a simple flu virus. hmmmm… maybe more to that?

Fear and Panic

Fear and Panic has the opposite effect on our immune systems. Fear ignites our Sympathetic Nervous System or our “Fight or Flight” or Freeze and Fold response. When we’re acting in life from a place of fear, hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are pumped into our bloodstream making our bodies acidic. If this happens often enough when there is no real threat we begin to live in this heightened state of arousal.  Consciously and subconsciously we may  instantly react to circumstances, perceiving all circumstances as an imaginary imminent attack or threat.

And… if we are in FEAR mode for extended periods our immune system becomes depressed. Adrenal burnout may follow and there’s no fun in that…Simply put if we’re living in sympathetic nervous system over-stimulation our health begins to break down.

Rest and Relax

Our parasympathetic nervous system or our rest and digest nervous system takes care of all those processes that go on daily without our awareness. If we’re generally relaxed, happy and grounded our digestion is good, breathing is deeper and rhythmical and our body does its job really well. And unless we have a compromised immune system due to other problems our immune system is generally fine. And a little flu soon passes…

What to do about the CV ?

So with the Corona Virus spread, what can we do?

  1. Don’t panic (turn off the media)
  2. Enjoy the moment – this is the only place life exists
  3. Know ‘this too will pass’ Life is beyond our control so bake a cake
  4. Be Flexible – plans change all the time.
  5. Keep Calm and keep your immune system strong
  6. Wash your hands regularly
  7. Use water if no paper – the Indian way

Keep your immune system strong with high daily doses of  Vitamin C, an Alkalising Diet, probiotics, herb teas, meditation, laughter and kindness, essential oils and lots of organic fruits and Veggies.

No really, LIFE is unpredictable.

Life only exists NOW, this moment, don’t waste it on wild speculation and an overactive imagination.

So choose LOVE not FEAR.

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