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Eight things to Reduce Stress NOW


Stress is the real killer in our society today.  Stress pulls out of the Magic of the Moment and takes us into toxic stories that bring dis-ease. Life can present us with challenges yet because we are the centre of our Personal Universe we find it hard to remain in balance.  It can feel like life is imploding on us. In this state we are living in a the ‘fight or flight’ state with all our stress hormones switched on. Our adrenaline and cortisol levels rise, our body becomes acidic and our mind can feel like a living nightmare. When stress compounds it can affect our relationships, work and family dynamics. Life was not meant to be a struggle. Here are some simple ways reduce stress quickly however you may need to look at some deeper lifestyle changes…

so what can I do Right NOW to DESTRESS


  1. BECOME AWARE – BE MINDFUL: Awareness is the Golden Key to living a Relaxed Conscious Life. The fact that we are aware that our stress levels have created imbalance and we need to do something about it NOW is fantastic. By taking responsibility for our stress levels we become empowered to make changes. Stress doesn’t just happen to us. It reminds us to develop a ‘mindful relationship with ourselves,’ so tune in and ask yourself… Does this feel right?  What do I need right now? Have I taken on too much?  Am I honouring myself now? Awareness in each moment can help us to see what we need to change in order to restore balance.
  2. Take a Deep CONSCIOUS BREATH In & Out : Breath in from you belly first filling your lungs from the bottom to the top; belly, rib expansion, collar bones lift for the upper chest… then  breath out let go and relax. When we breathing consciously the mind is on pause and this is a good thing. If we feel ourselves wanting to react in a way that does not hour us then take a big breath and stay conscious…Better still stop what your doing right now and lie down on your bed  or the floor (hide behind the desk if your at work) put your hands on your tummy to feel you are breathing deeply. Now take 27 deep breaths counting backwards. Make each breath as long slow and deep as you can. This form of complete breathing is called Yogic Breathing. We are creating oneness with mind and breath and inviting peace into our lives.
  3. Give yourself PERMISSION TO SAY NO!  Are you a YES person?  OR… Are you the one who always takes the extra load or goes the extra mile or says yes when you really mean no?  Our life evolves from the choices we make moment to moment. Perhaps it is time make choices that honour me.  Saying NO to that extra task at work, that favour for to a friend, that extra thing our child is wanting from us, the overtime. With each choice we might ask ourself “Does this choice keep me in balance?” It can feel very empowering to say NO, sorry I am going for my weekly walk or sorry I have my yoga class or simply I need to rest now. So take a deep breath and say NO.
  4. UNPLUG and Become Unavailable!  It seems we are always switched on these days with face book, email, mobile phones and and our computers. Ever available, our nervous system is hard wired to be on red alert to respond to all incoming data. So take a deep breath in and out and Unplug and Switch Off.  “YES we can do it”… walk away from the computer leave the mobile or switch it to airplane mode and relax into this moment even if it is only for half an hour. People will value you more when they have less of you. Dare yourself to unplug for longer next time.
  5. YOGA NIDRA: Yoga nidra is a guided deep relaxation/meditation technique.  If our stress is due to exhaustion then we need to relax and recharge.  Download my Yoga Nidra practice here. Have it on the ipod and take 10 mins out to lie down, pop the earphones in and be guided systematically to relax the whole body thus allowing the whole body mind complex to be rejuvenated. Life looks different with a relaxed mind. Daily yoga nidra of 10, 20 or 30 minutes will change your life. download here
  6. Stand up and GO FOR A WALK! If you are in a position to move from an uncomfortable situation then do it. Often we push ourselves too far with work. The brain becomes foggy and the body stiff. We may find ourselves in an argument that is going nowhere, or the kids are driving us batty and we are about to YELL and loose it. This is the time to go for a walk (or jog) even if it is around your back yard or garden or better still pop on our shoes and walk to the shop, around the block or ideally to a park or the beach. This space allows the head to clear and gives time to breath and calm down before returning. If the bub is screaming pop them in the pram and take her too. Put all else on pause.
  7. Drink a GLASS OF PURE WATER:  Dehydration exacerbates stress. Often when we are over busy we forget to drink water. Choosing to grab high sugar drinks is a poor choice and only increases our cellular stress load. So PAUSE,  take a deep breath in and BREATH out,  pour a large glass of filtered water, sit by a window or in nature and take time to relax and drink the whole glass whie promoting good feelings about rehydrating your cells. This gives us time to pause and reflect while staying mindful.
  8. Apply an ESSENTIAL Oil: Did you know that our sense of smell in our nose instantly links to the limbic system of the brain where we store our emotional memories. Inhaling the aroma of certain vibrational therapeutic grade essential oils can quickly bring about feelings of balance and relaxation. If we keep a few oils in our purse or pocket we can pull them out apply a drop on the palms, rub them gently and cup the hands over the nose and breath deeply. Also apply to the nape of the neck and behind the ears so the aroma continues. My favourites are from Young Living and include Frankincense, Balsam Fir, Present Time, Harmony, Stress Away, Lavender and Valor.

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