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Essential Oils for Grief & Loss

essential oils for grief and loss

Essential Oils for Grief & Loss

Therapeutic grade Essential Oils distilled from aromatic plants possess therapeutic qualities which may assist us with our grief. I employed the power of aroma every day after loosing my 17 year old son. The oils became my aromatic friends and companions. They became part of my tool box to soothe my broken heart and mind assisting me to release, accept, forgive and heal from grief. 

I combined essential oils with other therapies and used them every day to help me to process my loss and integrate the tragic circumstances around my sons death. I found many oils calming and relaxing helping to relax my tortured mind. At times I needed to employ uplifting oils such as Clarity and Peppermint to lift me up when I was frozen with grief.. At other times I needed oils to improve and deepen my sleep such as peace and calming. As I peeled back the layers of my grief I worked with the therapeutic grade Young Living essential oil blends such as Forgiveness, Gratitude, Present Time, Inner Child and Harmony. I will share much more on this in my upcoming book: From Shining Through – From Grief to Gratitude.

Diffusing with Essential Oils
Diffusing with Essential Oils

The Brain and Aromatherapy

The Olfactory System or our sense of smell is quite amazing – As we inhale a fragrance the tiny molecules of essential oil hit the olfactory bulb which is very close to and influences the Limbic System of the Brain where emotional memories are stored.

Here they exert different influences on the Brain – Calming, Relaxing, Centering, Sedative, Grounding, Balancing, Uplifting, Releasing, connecting etc.
Here are some ways to ‘love yourself better’ while grieving using therapeutic grade Essential Oils

  1. Have a ‘Love Me Better Bath’ with Candles and add 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts, 1//2 cup of sodium bicarbonate (aluminium free)  stir in 10 drops of Young Living  Bergamot Essential Oil  – A gentle citrus Aroma specific for relaxation, uplifting mood yet deeply calming and relaxing. Some other Young Living Exquisite Oils to try in your bath – Lavender and Orange, Valor, Peace & Calming. Stir in and add to a warm bath.
  2. Anoint withFrankincense Essential Oil  – a powerful antidepressant oil that uplifts and if traditionally known to enhance Spiritual Connection.
  3. Apply Valor Essential Oil Blend to the Heart Chakra – It instills a sense of Courage, Strength and Valor.
  4. Use Ruta Valor – A powerful Sedative and Anti-Depressant Blend to assist you to Sleep containing Lavender, Ruta and Valarian Essential Oils. For Insomnia.Aromatherapy Bath
  5. Joy Essential Oil Blend – is a beautiful Fragrance that is Uplifting and Mood Elevating. Invite Joy back into your life.
  6. White Angelica – a very special oil blend that assists in rebuilding a healthy aura and wards off negative thinking – very protective. I call it the oil of angels as it has a very high frequency. Apply to the shoulders and Crown.
  7. Stress Away and Peace and Calming Essential Oil blends are wonderful for their Calming, soothing and relaxing effects. Dab on wrists, back of the neck, behind the ears.
  8. Diffuse Essential Oils in your home with a cold air diffuser from Young Living in your home to assist to keep the vibration of your home loving, calm and supportive.
  9. Forgiveness Oil on the heart together with a Forgiveness Prayer directed towards yourself, the divine or others who may have ignorantly contributed to your pain.
  10. Gratitude Essential Oil – While we are grieving we often forget to be grateful for all we still have in our lives and for life itself. Gratitude is a powerful healer. At times I was simply grateful for the pillow for catching my tears, and I thanked it for that.

Due to the Therapeutic Quality I only use Young Living Essential Oils in my practice and am happy to introduce you to them too.



Essential Oils and the Brain
Essential Oils and The Brain



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