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Feelings, Emotions, Thoughts and Awakening

Life can feel very confusing during the early stages of clearing after awakening to our true nature of love expressing as peaceful presence.. As we begin to live life as awake-ness we will often be tested. Old patterns may rise up to pull us back into suffering. We realise that we are not this body, we are not these thoughts (as we have been led to believe in the past). But that deeply embedded patterned way of past living may take time to be released.  Our trained identification with thoughts, feelings and emotions can keep pulling us back into confusion. We have a body and a mind to navigate this life with, and it is a miraculous and wonderful vehicle as long as we don’t fully identify as limited to that.

What is Unchanging?

Duality is experienced through physical sensations, feelings, thought and emotion ignited by stimulation input. Yet none of these are permanent. All are arising and passing by. The body changes as do the experiences of mind and matter. From birth to death only the sense of I Am, Presence or Aliveness, consciousness itself remains the same. 

Clearing Is The seeing Through Of Old Patterns

From conception we take on patterns of belief, habit, addiction, and develop reactive behaviour based on past experience. After awakening, we begin to understand that there needs to be a clearing of these old reactive patterns in order to live in a more enlightened, peaceful and present state. Actually it is more like a seeing through of what is not helpful or true. Once we see through old destructive patterns they lose their power and fall away. We begin to see that most of our reactive and patterned behaviour was based on fear rather than truth or fact.

So what are Feelings, Thoughts and Emotions?

Feelings are noticed as bodily sensations which are originally created by reactions to life’s circumstance based on the patterns/beliefs we hold unconsciously. Feelings can be unexpressed, moving or stuck energy in the body. These can be as simple as feelings of churning in the belly, stuck-ness in the throat, uncomfortable feelings around the chest or heart area or confusion or fogginess in the head. But what causes these feelings?

Energy – Chi – Prana

Everything begins as energy, chi, prana or ki. We live in an intricate flow and interplay of energy which broken down is pure consciousness. When energy is in flow we experience harmony.  When this flow is blocked, we experience discomfort which may express physically, mentally or emotionally. Like a sewage system, if the pipes are not clear, shit can build up and the pipes can become clogged. Or burst throwing shit everywhere and causing a real stink. Sometimes life can feel like this...please excuse my analogy.

Emotions – Energy in Motion

Emotions are the expression of the energy based on patterned beliefs. Difficult emotions can come from confusing bodily sensations that are created by a reaction to some patterned aspect of life… perhaps resistance or a lack of flow in some area. Or in a more enjoyable way from a sense of overwhelming happiness, joy or love. 

The Body Can Be A Barometer of Our Soul

There is nothing wrong with feelings or emotions. Everything is valid. There is nothing to fear here. Feelings and Emotions are wonderful pointers. They can show us clearly where we are stuck, blocked or free. In fact they are are simply different forms/experiences of energy passing through this body mind construct.

Pointers and Teachers

Feelings whether uncomfortable or comfortable can be pointers or teachers for us showing us where there is flow or where there is resistance to what is or presence. Enjoyable feelings that indicate we are in flow with life may present as comfortable or joyful feelings. Uncomfortable feelings are there to get our attention, they may be pointing to some resistance to flow. They may be pointing to old patterns of resistance, fear, fight or flight, or perhaps freeze. They are pointing to something we are engaged with which is out of flow or we are resisting an inner knowing. They are great teachers.

There is great inherit wisdom in this miraculous body vehicle. 

Mindful Presence & Clearing

Through mindful presence and self-inquiry we can begin to notice and listen to bodily sensations and emotions. The awareness and acknowledgement of the energy around uncomfortable feelings can quite often direct us to shifting points of view and dropping or seeing through old patterns that no longer serve the highest good. If  acknowledged, the body can direct us how to come back into flow, balance and clarity.

What happens when we don’t acknowledge our feelings ?

Unacknowledged, ignored or suppressed feelings can become buried and their energy can build up. This may express as outbursts of anger, crying, rage or frustration which can leave us and perhaps others feeling shattered.

Alternatively we may just keep suppressing and burying the feelings, disallowing ourselves to  express emotionally. This can lead to feelings of complete shut down, depression, self-loathing or self-harm or self-destructive behaviour.

So how do we support awakening to peaceful presence?

1. Acknowledge Feelings: I know this can be very scary if you’re accustomed to ignoring feelings and suppressing emotions. It takes great courage to begin to FEEL and ACKNOWLEDGE the relics we have in our pandora’s box. 

All that is required is a mindful noticing of feelings arising and a noticing when we ignore our intuitive feelings.

2. Become Mindful of our resistance presence: No need for judgement. Judgement is useless and changes nothing. Simple noticing is powerful. Seeing our patterns playing out. Perhaps noticing for the first time that energy is being blocked. Or a resistance is being felt in the body. 

3. Inquiry:  What is this feeling telling me? At the same time not identifying with the feeling.. Know that it is simply passing through…Although it may have a message.

4. How can I better express this energy? Stuck energy needs unblocking before it becomes explosive and self-destructive or is buried.. Through allowing that energy to flow – we experience flow again. This may be running, chopping wood, working hard, walking or dancing. Or by simply seeing through the illusion of identification with what we are NOT.

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