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Awakening to Love Satsang

Ground of Being Meditation

Following a short ground of being meditation Soraya speaks about awakening to love. Explaining that this awakening to love begins with a deep yearning for peace, presence and freedom.

The Seed of Potential

The seed of potential, that just like a tree, once cracked and germinated will never stop seeking the light. This seed of potential exists in each and every one of us, just awaiting something to crack it open.

Yearning for Oneness

Once cracked by some happening in life, this seed ignites the yearning for love and union with the universe. This is in fact a deep yearning for the love of unification, oneness, embracing the divine presence in each moment.

The End Of Suffering

If we can see from a place of acceptance. Seeing all as perfect. Just as a mother sees her little child and loves them just as they are. Her child can do no wrong. She has nothing but love for her child, even when she wets her pants, picks her nose or screams and cries.

The Universe has no Judgement

So the universe has nothing but loving acceptance for all of us. And if we can have acceptance of life unfolding as it is, we can experience peace.

The good, the bad and the ugly all have a place just as the whole diversity of our feelings are also valid. Suffering is our resistance to what is….whether that is a feeling, a person, a happening. When the judgmental mind makes something wrong we suffer.

The Web of Life

The web of life like a spiders web is delicately and beautifully created in perfect balance. Every thread is shining. 

It is our mind stuff that can tear this delicate web of life and we can like a fly get stuck in that tear. This tear disallows us to experience the beauty of the whole interconnected web of life as one experience. We can stuck in the tear of our own making.  continue over…

Terry Oldfield goes on to explain more in this satsang…. worth a watch or listen

Watch the full video on You Tube here……or scroll down here to watch.

The Healing Mirror Podcast

This Spiritual Podcast with Soraya Saraswati offers discussions, global satsangs and deep conversations with free thinking spiritual teachers, philanthropists, awake and inspirational humans.

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