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Global Satsang: Awakening and the Spiritual Seeker

global satsang

What is meant by the seeker will never awaken?

When we the spiritual seeker arrives, or awakens to peaceful presence, or oneness there is no separation. The seeker and what is sought are One. We have arrived. The spiritual seeker does not awaken. The spiritual seeker vanishes into oneness or awake-ness.

1 + 1 Does Not Equal One

If we are awake there is no seeker and nothing left to seek. There is only oneness. When we drop into love or melt into oneness there is only one thing going on. It can’t be me in oneness. 1 + 1 does not equal 1. The experience of an individual body mind as a separate experience melts away into oneness.

Seeking Can Become an Addiction

However seeking can become an addiction just like anything else. Even when there is a clear pointing a the seeker may overlook the truth and not see what is right here right now… and continue on seeking something else. 

It is almost too simple as it is always here and always and every available in the present moment. Awakening or Oneness is the gift of Absolute Presence.

Are we overusing our Mind?

Yes, we get caught up with the thinking mind and thoughts of Me and My life, Me and My experience. Me and You. Which of course creates immediate separation.

The Real Work: is Shining Light of Awareness on our Patterns?

The work is to recognise the patterns/beliefs/history and our attachment or habituation to them. The work is to Shine the light of awareness on these patterns without judgment.

This work is always in the present moment. Whether it is inquiry, reflection or pure recognition.

While we have a body and a mind we can be drawn back into old patterns of action and reactivity which reinforce our sense of separation. These patterns keep us from the peaceful presence that is always available.

May Weaves Her Illusory Web.

This is the work of Maya as she weaves her illusory web of mind stuff around us. We attach patterns from our ‘personal history’ to the present and thus never experience the present as it is fresh, new, clear and pure.

Diligence and Awareness

Illumining the Old Untrue Patterns with Diligence and Awareness is the most important work we will do. If we wish to be Free then we need to drop the chains of mind-stuff that bind us.

Patterns like: I am not good enough, I am too this or too that, self-judgemental and prejudicial beliefs that evoke reactivity of body and mind. None of this is real or true.

We Seek Until We Find

Nothing wrong with being a seeker as it keeps us aware and insightful. However when we awaken the seeker vanishes or melts into one-ness.

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What is Suffering?

Suffering occurs when there is a resistance to what is. When we have trouble accepting what is happening right now. Even if that means we have pain in the body.

If we can accept totally the experience in any given moment there is no suffering.

It is the mind that creates the suffering, by making what is happening wrong. By judging it to be wrong or bad, we resist presence and we suffer. 

Openness To Awake-ness in the Moment.

We need to be open to the perfection and beauty of presence in any given moment. Take care to see that there is NO SUFFERING if there is no resistance to whatever is occurring. 

100% commitment, diligence and discernment.

It is Really Simple but the mind is a Flibbertigibbet – hopping from this thought to the next. This idea to the next. We can become workshop junkies and keep seeking when the truth is staring us in the face. 

It requires commitment, diligence and discernment to see through the illusory mind games that keep us seeking and never arriving.

There is nobody here to suffer

Ultimately there is no doer. There are actions and happenings in the unfolding moment. What adds to suffering is the claiming of the unfolding of as MINE. This creates the illusion of separation.

Stepping into Being

We are always looking out there for the answer. The highest level of understanding is Being… When we step into being, it is effortless existence. 

This is it.. We are Here.. We are Awake.. We simply need to realise it. 



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