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Global Non-dual Satsang with Soraya Jan 2020

Global Non-Dual Satsang with Soraya

A non-dual Satsang is aimed at supporting the maintaining of clarity after awakening. This non-dual Satsang points us toward truth. Soraya gently guides an intelligent inquiry with meditations and pointings towards a deeper truth.

Maintaining clarity can be challenging for us all. We may experience feelings of confusion and isolation along the way. This Satsang or satsang-sangha is offered to support to those no-longer hypnotised by the apparent reality and general agreement of their being a separate self.  Maintaining clarity and avoiding being dragged back into the ego separate-self can be tricky and at times painful.

When we lose our sense of being or ‘I am” presence old untrue and unresolved patterns and beliefs may resurface. This can lead us back into suffering emotional turmoil with confusion and pain. This global non-dual satsang is offered to create a sense of community where we can support each other in the clearing process.

The Healing Mirror Podcast

Offers discussions, global satsangs and interviews.. Soraya speaks with other free thinking spiritual teachers, philanthropists, awake and inspirational humans.

The philosophy discussed here lies at the truth of all great traditions. From Non-Duality, Advaita, Vedanta to Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Zen, the Yogic Vedas etc.

The healing mirror is designed to support self-inquiry and questioning necessary to discover the truth. The aim is to clear confusion so we may live on soul purpose knowing we are consciousness itself as I am presence. So as I am presence we may then become a vessel for the greater good.

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