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Global Satsang: Relinquishing Control

Releasing Attachment

The world is now experiencing unprecedented change. We are being asked relinquish control (something the separate-self loves) and to live with uncertainty. We are being stopped in our tracks as asked to release attachment to our plans as life seems to be put on hold. We are being asked to be still, which could just be a good thing.

There is also a great awakening taking place. Many people are waking up to the truth of the one true self. And this is very much needed, but it can be a rocky road, and we can get pulled back into suffering easily.

This satsang is offered to support us all in releasing attachment to old patterns of expectation and resistance so we can live awake to the true self.

A Wonderful Opportunity

When life throws us a curved ball it is interesting to observe patterns that arise and draw us back into old patterned reactions and responses. Releasing attachment to old ways allows fresh energy to flow in.

It seems COVID-19 has done that for the world hasn’t it. And it is offering a wonderful opportunity to see how attached we are to our plans and habits. To notice and observe our patterns at play and see they are simply that: old patterns of reactivity that are coming from the separate individual body-mind.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Can we tune into the calm sense of being in the changing world climate? There is an unprecedented number of people awakening on the planet at the moment. If we are awakening or have awakened to realise that we are consciousness itself expressing as multiplicity and diversity.

Awakening is an Initial Step

Awakening is often an initial step, a powerful glimpse at who we truly are.  Once we have seen the truth of who we are not it is hard to go back to living an unconscious automated life as a separate-individual-self.  This patterned separate-self is made up of our history as memory, thought and patterns.

Clearing The Patterned Body-Mind

If we wish to remain in peaceful presence we are by default directed to clear up old patterns. Otherwise we may be kidding ourselves that we are awake. The ego-self will simply want to claim awakeness. And this is never true. We can only be awake in present time, right now. Any awakening story we have is just that a story that belongs to the past and is history. Clinging to a story of once upon a time will not set us free.

Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

 The Patterned separate individual self is always based on history or memory. Memory relates to mind and we are not the mind-stuff. Thought is an arising within consciousness. We are not our thoughts. They are however,  very powerful arisings within consciousness that can ignite feelings and bodily sensations within this body-mind. These bodily sensations then trigger patterns which can ignite an emotional response eg: anger, anxiety, fear. 

Repression and Depression

Sometimes there is a subconscious or unconscious denial of feelings, often initiated by a deep need for survival (the freeze response) and this can cause repression. These hidden or buried or suppressed emotions can cause depression. Emotion is energy in motion and when energy gets stuck then there is no flow in our lives. When we can allow an emotion to flow through with awareness and in the light of Ahimsa (with no harm) we can be washed clean.

When we are flowing with the River of life we are clear.

Make Me An Instrument Of Peace

To clear away or see through old patterns. As we become clearer or clarity shines here, it seems we may be used or more clearly directed. We may become “an instrument of peace”. The clearer we become the clearer our actions become. Action is not initiated by ego or personal need or desire. We are lived. We are moved to action, clean and clear. They are not born of fear or confusion. This of course is not anything the individual separate-self can claim. Awake-ness has no name or form. 

The Ground of Being

The Ground of Being or the field of one consciousness beyond name and form, yet contains all of this. It is the ‘one thing’ going on. And all of manifestation is contained within this one field of consciousness. And all of it is me… so separation of name and form becomes an illusion. Yet what a wonderful illusion it is for us to play in, to explore, to enjoy.

Effortless Living

When awake to this miracle, compassion, love, care occurs naturally as effortless living. We are directed by unseen hands. We are directed without instruction that is verbal or translatable…we are lived. And when we surrender to that being lived without claiming any of it for the separate-self.. we are free in those moments…we are free.

This means we could simply not do anything else but what we are doing. We are exactly where we should be at any given moment. 

Thank you, Namaste … Soraya

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