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Grief To Gratitude Podcast

In this podcast I share a reading from the book Shining Through From Grief to Gratitude in this podcast. My memoir From Grief to Gratitude was written after losing a brother and son to suicide.

In this chapter I share how initially although difficult, the practice of gratitude became a powerful tool pulling me back from the grief born of loss. I share how gratitude helped me to stay present and open to life again, and ultimately to awaken. To be freed of the pain of grief.

Our deepest challenges in life can and will often bring us to our knees.  This experience sometimes called the dark night of the soul will have us questioning everything.

Ultimately it may have us questioning our fundamental existence.

I know it did for me. Self-inquiry can become a pathway to seeking deeper truth. And this search for truth may initiate an awakening to who we truly are.

Grief and loss comes in many forms, and is always challenging. Challenges will bring our reactive patterns and fears to the surface. And as we become aware our reactivity, born of pain and loss, we are offered an opportunity to recognise and hopefully see through our patterns.

We begin to notice our patterns of reactivity are usually born of mental constructs, beliefs and standpoints that are unfounded or untrue. Previously unquestioned reactive patterns and beliefs can often be traced back to early trauma experiences around our family, culture, schooling, peer groups or childhood loss.

We have an opportunity to see through previously unconscious patterns or programs. Once brought to the light of consciousness , and recognised as unhelpful, they will begin to lose their grip over us. Gratitude may begin to grow in the cracks of our mental constructs and unhelpful patterns.

As Leonard Cohen says:

There is a crack in everything, that’s where the light gets in.

In this podcast I discuss how gratitude although initially practiced, will ultimately  become  spontaneous. As we awaken to greater clarity and the truth of our existence spontaneous gratitude brings with it greater joy, laughter and much love.

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