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Soraya’s Conversation with Spiritual Teacher Gangaji

Soraya’s Conversation with Gangaji

Gangaji is an eloquent, elegant, humble and deeply kind spiritual teacher who resides in America. Her teacher was H.W.L. Poonja affectionately called Papaji and his teacher Sri Ramana  Maharshi. 

It is my great pleasure to share this interview with you. See the video on my youtube channel.

Gangaji’s earlier life was rich in spiritual practices such as Zen and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation as well as Vipassana.

Prior to meeting Papaji She had a full life as a mother, wife, meditation teacher and therapist. Still, she felt a deep longing that was largely unrealised until she met a man who changed her life forever.

And it was her husband, spiritual teacher and author himself,  Eli Jaxon-Bear who called her to India to meet this man who he shared with her is ‘the real deal’.

Gangaji’s meeting with Papaji

There on the banks of the river Gangaji met her teacher Sri Poonja who is also know affectionately as Papaji. Gangaji shares this story in the podcast and video below. 

In Papaji’s presence and through his grace and invitation Gangaji came home to full self-recognition. 

Her personal journey of suffering, searching and seeking ended and her true life began to flower free of resistance. Papaji changed Gangaji’s life forever and she has continued to share her own experience of peace since this meeting.

On her return home and by Papaji’s prompting Gangaji dedicated her life’s work to supporting others to awaken to true presence.

Gangaji Foundation & The Prison Program

Upon her return from India with a new name and a new direction Gangaji began to share her experience. Together with some supporters she set up the non-profit Gangaji foundation. They were then approached to share the teaching-invitation in the male prison system to support prisoners. There was, and remains is a huge problem of overcrowding and lack of rehabilitation in US prisons.

Listen to our conversation about how her organisation set up the prison program to support male prisoners in the USA.

Gangaji’s Books & Satsangs

Author and co-author and teacher Gangaji shares her direct experience and the essential message she received from Papaji with those wishing for true and lasting fulfilment.

She does this through Satsangs, video and books. 

Her life and words powerfully express her invitation to live a life of love and freedom and to be true to this in all we do.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview and all the pointings’ toward truth shared and the invitation to wake up and live as peace.

You can find more on Gangaji on her website and youtube channel below.

Gangaji’s website:

Gangaji’s youtube channel:

Gangaji’s Books Link:

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