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Stop Ecocide Change the Law Save the Earth

Soraya interviews co-founder of the Stop Ecocide Campaign JoJo Mehta together with co-workers Anita Van Rosum and George Vigeleos. Stop Ecocide aims to change the law making crimes against the earth a criminal offence.

Poly Higgins Barrister & Founder of Stop Ecocide

The founder of Stop Ecocide was Poly Higgins a UK Barrister who had an epiphany moment when she realised that not only her clients, but that the Earth itself needed a good Lawyer. JoJo shares how inspiring Poly was and how many people she inspired to stand to live well and to stand up for the earth.

Poly spent the last 10 years of her life dedicated to finding a way of preventing mass damage and destruction to the natural world. She concluded that the way to achieve this in the most impactful way is to change the law by creating a criminal law to outlaw Ecocide. Every country has criminal law so it can be implemented everywhere once the momentum has been created.

“Imagine a law that starts from first do no harm, that stops this dangerous game and takes us to a place of safety”… Polly Higgins 2015

Three aspects to the Stop Ecocide Campaign

  1.  Core Legal Diplomatic International Side: To change the LAW to a higher moral authority…a law that puts people and the planet first. Liaising with small vulnerable States (Vanuatu & Maldives) now with international lawyers to take this forward to criminalise Ecocide. JoJo Mehta is working tirelessly with this.
  2.  Stop Ecocide – Change the Law Campaign: Anita Van Rosum  is working on raising public awareness about ecocide and raising finance to fund the ecocide work. They have created a trust so that people can become a trustee of the earth – or a custodian of the earth. People can donate-gift to the trust fund which is used to finance the legal requirements to change the law. By gifting you can become an Earth Protector. 
  3. Movement building: George Vigeleos shares how he is setting up the first earth protector community in Stroud, UK. An earth protector town is dedicated to the principles of the stop Ecocide campaign. Moving from consumerism to global citizenship by working together in a way that honours humanity and the earth. An important principle of an earth protector community which was important to Poly Higgins is to ‘do no harm‘.


Become an Earth Protector

Check out these links on guidelines on how to Become An Earth Protector for Communities/towns, Schools and Universities and Colleges.

Right now, ECOCIDE (destroying the Earth) is legally permitted. Help us make it a crime.

Pope Francis: “Destroying the Earth is a sin and should be a crime.”

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