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The Vrittis Or fluctuations Of the Mind

This podcast from a global satsang begins with a meditation. Then we go on to  discuss the disturbances or patterns of the mind or mental vrittis and how these mental fluctuations keep us bound in suffering. How these mental patterns keep us from experiencing peace in life ‘as it is’ from a place of peaceful presence.

Desire, craving and aversion and fear are vrittis that can hold us in their grip. This disallows us from knowing the true self and the vastness of peaceful presence. 

We get caught up in the projections of the mind with expectations on how things Should be. But, can we be with life as it is unfolding?  Without needing to make it wrong, right or different.

In remembering the impermanence of all things our attachment to the ways we hope, or expect things to be begins to lessen. Everything changes and on a higher level it doesn’t matter how things unfold. More important how we respond or react to life.

Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Yoga is the stilling of of the mind. Only when the mind is like a still pool is life reflected purely as it is. And this is the experience of the ultimate reality.

Terry speaks about the Gateless Gate… The entrance to This is right here right now… Enjoy

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