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Satsang Video with Soraya

Nondual Satsang Video and Philosophical Discussions

Soraya Saraswati shares clear wisdom from the heart in inspirational nondual satsangs, discussions and interviews with teachers, philosophers and poets. The truth lies where all great philosophies and religions meet. This is in the heart space, a space of open acceptance of life as it is. It is the stories we add to the rawness of life and the resistance to presence that cause pain, suffering and turmoil. 

Happiness and contentment or santosha is our natural state. It is the reactive mind with its limiting beliefs and mental patterns (or the separate-self) that get in the way of us experiencing peace.

So here we attempt to use the Mind to Jump over the Mind. To use intelligence to see through the confusion born of mental and emotional patterning. To see the sky beyond the clouds and ultimately the sun that lights the sky. It is a feeble attempt as we are limited by words and pointings toward a truth that can only be felt in one’s heart. There are as many faces to love as there are doors that lead us home…

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