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Self-Care with Daily Mindful Balance Rituals

Self Care and Mindfulness

Could you do with a little more self-care? How about some simple daily mindful balancing rituals?  As a teacher, writer, musician, wife and mother I fit a lot into my day. I’m sure you do too. The thing is… I love everything I do. So I have developed ways to nourish my body and nervous system so I’ve plenty of energy for the things I love. I achieve this by taking time for my daily mindful-balance rituals

They’re pretty simple but make all the difference. Let’s face it life can throw up some big challenges, and the more relaxed we are the better we respond. A daily dose of healthy Selfing, (taking care of our energy levels) is not selfish but vital for our health and happiness.

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying: ‘If Mumma ain’t happy nobody’s happy”. So I am going to share my daily mindful-balance rituals with you.

How To Maintain Your Energy Levels

People often ask how I maintain my energy levels? The answer is simple really: I have my daily dose of mind-balancing practices. This takes the form of whatever I feel like. It may be yoga, walking in nature, gardening, silence and meditation. And from maintaining the point of view from this relaxed and present space, I don’t mind what happens.

Flowing With Life Unfolding

Basically from a state of open hearted presence we flow with life. Responding to the arising moment or the unfolding of life in flow.

YEP, I have become a life surfer! Living as open presence as the sense of being has allowed an amazing shift. I can surf the big waves when they hit, enjoy the little ones, and relax when in still waters. With life unfolding this way it becomes an amazing ride.

Craving and Aversion

By releasing our craving for what we think we need we have greater freedom. We can learn to be ok with what is.  And by honestly and courageously acknowledging our aversion to the things we try to avoid, we can pretty much accept what comes along. This allows greater presence and openness to deal with life in a healthy way.

Self Care And Maintaining Balance

So I am going to share some of my little daily mindful balance rituals here with you. I don’t practice all of these all the we can become rigid with routine and addiction. Just follow your flow…

Some Daily Mindful Balance Rituals:

  1. Morning yoga & meditation practice
  2. Early morning chai tea ceremony
  3.  Time in nature/garden
  4. Living with mindful gratitude
  5. Under the moon walk before bed

1.  Morning Meditation Practice

This is so important and depending where I am in the world and my daily commitments my sit is shorter or longer. I vary my meditation throughout the year so that I practice periods of mantra singing and mindful silent sitting. Sometimes on busy schedules, I will practice on a flight or do a yoga nidra on a break.

2. Morning Yoga Practice

My body loves to stretch and move. After living in an Ashram for 8 years this is a deeply engrained love ritual. When I have time I really enjoy a long yoga session, but when I am traveling 10-15 mins will still give me a great stretch and relax. My practice usually includes Surya Namaskara or salutations to the Sun.

3. Morning Chai Tea

Might I add here, usually with my darling husband, Terry Oldfield. We love to sit in nature (ideally) and sip a warm cup of freshly brewed organic chai tea. I make my own and have perfected the recipe with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and star anise. This is a yummy time when Terry and I come together and share some philosophy gleaned from our separate morning rituals, or sometimes we sit sipping in silence listening to the birds.

 4. Time in Nature

Nature nourishes the soul. When I have time,  I walk in the deep forest, go to the beach or work in my garden or  if I am in a city, I visit a beautiful park or have freshly cut flowers on stage if we are performing. I might lie on the deck at night and look at the stars with Terry after a long day. Tuning into nature every day keeps me grounded, nourished and real. Working in our garden gives me so much pleasure and an abundance of organic food.

5. Mindful Gratitude

Every day I maintain a state of open mindful presence, as best I can. When I feel any sense of resistance in my body or mind, I take notice. There is always something to learn about what is happening here, in this body/mind/spirit. I also take every opportunity I can to acknowledge gratitude for the little blessings that come my way, especially on the most challenging days. I often begin my day with a gratitude prayer while lying in bed – feeling grateful for another day to dance in this wonderful playground of life.

6. Moonwalk before Bed

This may seem a little weird but it is something I love love love. When we are traveling it is not always possible but at home Terry and I hold hands and wander down the country Road, often with our little dog Ralph, or one of our children and look up at the moon and stars. It reminds us of how tiny we are in this magnificent mystery called life, and what a wide and wonderful universe it is. It is a rather magical way to end the day.

What are your daily mindful balancing rituals ?

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