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Indra’s Net, Vibration and Global Consciousness

You and I are Creating Global Consciousness

What do Indra’s Net, Vibration and Global Consciousness have in common? Each of us is like a broadcasting antenna, resonating our energetic vibrations out into the field of global consciousness. And that Consciousness is being created, attuned and refined moment to moment. Shifting and changing depending on the vibrations emitted both here and collectively. And beyond this there is a vibration of pure divine love that is the sub-stratum of creation. Yet most of us have drunk the draft of forgetfulness and we no longer feel that divine love that we are…

Let’s explore vibration and Indra’s Net

This world is being co-created by the energy, vibration and resonance of you, me and the other 7.9 billion people on this planet. Not only this earth, rock, water, air as plants, animals and matter all have vibrations. Vibrations are radiated out energetically to create the collective experience of global resonance or consciousness. And this determines the state of play in the game on the global stage.

So we are far more powerful than we could ever imagine. Scary huh. But also empowering and inspiring.

For, if enough of us awaken and remember our divine nature thus attuning to a naturally loving, supporting, compassionate and inclusive frequency… we can change global consciousness and the play on the world stage.

What Vibration Do I Align With?

The manifest global consciousness created by the majority falls prey to our egoic identification(as a separate self). As thus we align completely with the story of my life, my culture, parents, my trauma, and by the politics of the day, global leadership and the ingested broadcasts I align with. We and all around us are influenced by the stories we hear, the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the music we listen to and the vibration of the company we keep.

So we could ask ourselves, what frequency am I radiating out from my transmitting body-mind?

Dr Emoto, Water and Crystalline structure

This is illustrated by the indisputable and finally scientifically accepted work of Dr Emoto of Japan. He wrote the book, ‘The Hidden Messages in Water.’ He shows photographs of crystalline frozen water droplets before and after being exposed to certain vibrational words and different music.

His work showed clearly the microscopic structure of the water changed depending on the vibration of the word used. The words love and gratitude created perfect crystalline shapes. And hateful words pollution and heavy metal music for example destroyed the crystalline structure of the molecules.

He found disturbingly obvious visual differences in the crystalline structure of water from pristine mountain streams as compared to denatured city or polluted water.


Mahatma Gandhi said “The divine radio is always playing, we just need to adjust our tuning”

A wise Sufi proverb shares “The body is the shore on the Ocean of Being”

Indras Net 

In Hindu philosophy there are many wonderful colourful stories that are interwoven with rich philosophy and wisdom. The story of Indras net is very enlightening. It is told that the God Indra cast a net of energetic threads that spans the universe in all directions infinitely. The horizontal threads representing space, the vertical threads in time. At every crossing of every thread in the net is hung a glittering jewel, and since the net is infinite so are the jewels. Each jewel symbolises a sentient being. And great light of absolute being illuminates and penetrates every crystal being, and every crystal being reflects not only the light from every other crystal in the net, but also every reflection throughout the universe. Thus we are all both a reflection of each other and of the absolute divine. Isn’t this awesome…

So what does this mean?….

Know that you are a sparkling jewel in Indra’s Net, as is every person around you. Every jewel is connected with all the other jewels in the net; every person is intimately connected with all the other persons in the universe. Each has an independent place within the net and we all reflect and influence each other. A change in one jewel—or person—produces a change, however slight, in every other. Realise, too, that the infinite reflections speak to the illusory nature of appearances. Appearances are not, in fact, reality, but only a reflection; the true nature of a thing is not to be captured in its appearance. However powerful that appearance might be, it is yet only a reflection of what is real.

In addition, whatever you do to one jewel affects the entire net, as well as yourself. You cannot damage one strand of a spider web without injuring the entire web, and you cannot damage one strand of the web that is the universe without injuring all others in it, whether that injury is known or unknown to them. This can work for good or ill because, of course, just as destructive acts affect the entire net, so do loving, constructive, compassionate acts affect the entire net. A single helpful act—even a simple act of kindness—will send positive ripples across the infinite net, touching every jewel, every person in existence.”

Maya The Goddess of Illusion

The fact that all nodes are simply a reflection of all others implies the illusory nature of all appearances. Appearances are thus not reality but a reflection of reality. We forget the substratum of the creator’s light that shines and is reflected through everything. Why?

In ancient philosophy Brahma or the absolute expresses as Ishwara, an aspect of the divine to cast a veil of Maya or illusion over the universe. This way he gets to experience duality.

Maya is the principle of relativity and duality and thus multiplicity and diversity as the manifest world arose. We are raised with the illusion that we are not divine but limited in the human form. Strong patterns of experience in the world of duality are laid down and we forget our divine existence. Only when we awaken do we realise our true divine identity. We then overcome avidya or ignorance and vidya or true knowledge shines. Then we’re free of the illusion of Maya. Then we can be in the manifest world but not bound by it. We’re no longer limited to the ego based existence of separation. For we resonate at the level of love.

Soraya Saraswati is a spiritual teacher, yoga therapist, clarity coach and TRE facilitator

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