Soraya Saraswati

A little about Soraya

After 35 years as a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master and Naturopath, I now realise your-our experience begins right here, right now in the present moment. 

If we can release our history and allow life to unfold naturally then we can truly be alive and present to the arising now….and…Through deep inquiry and releasing old patterns and trauma held in the body-mind we can wake up to live as peaceful presence available to whatever life has to offer. And that is sometimes very challenging…

A Little History

Growing up in the Outback

I grew up in outback Australia and we moved around a lot. I found my solace in the powerful beauty of this land which became my ‘silent best friend and teacher’.

It was while working on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory that I first came to realise my true nature. I (Soraya) disappeared and became everything all at once. While this experience didn’t last, a thirst for deeper knowledge was born there.

Ashram Life

I became a spiritual seeker, leaving behind conventional life to live in a Yoga Ashram. I donned orange robes and lived a very simple life with no bank account or personal means.

All through my 20’s I taught yoga and lived a simple rural life practicing karma yoga (selfless service). I deepened my knowledge in the ancient yoga practices, meditation, naturopathy and yoga therapy.

Yet this left me with many more questions which the unfolding of time and maturity would help to make clearer.

Meeting Terry

In 2003 I met the wonderful musician and composer Terry Oldfield and soon we became best friends, working together writing songs and performing. We both shared a love of mantra and ancient cultures which we express by singing mantras and Celtic songs.

Our commitment to authentic spiritual life was in perfect alignment. We laughed, played and sang together…and in 2007 married and continue to tour globally sharing our work together with music and mantras for peace to this day.

Tragedy Strikes

Soon a series of tragic family suicides left me grieving and questioning everything. My profound and very painful journey with grief changed everything. An awakening to truth as it had never been experience before left me with a profound sense of gratitude and finally peace.

Grief to Gratitude

Seven years after my 17 year old sons suicide I completed and published my memoir ‘Shining Through From Grief to Gratitude’. Writing  helped me to process the painful emotions around my grief and kept me inspired to seek truth.


 I had discovered that by allowing the light of awareness to shine clearly here, suffering began to fall away and out of the deepest tragedy of my life emerged a deep sense of presence and freedom. I continue to inspire others to acknowledge their buried feelings and emotions and to heal. To recognise who we truly are beyond the body-mind most of us limit ourselves to be.


I had stared death in the eye… From this a deep acceptance of ‘life as it is’  has arisen

I know now we are not the body, our story, beliefs or history.  We are truly much more than this. 

Happiness is our true nature

Happiness is our true nature.  It is a precious gift to live ‘as consciousness’ which is naturally peaceful but not always comfortable. 

The clearing of old patterns, beliefs and mind fabricated limitations requires courage, honesty and deep inquiry.


The  process is of course ongoing as the old patterns will re-emerge to be seen through again and again…till they dissolve away. Conscious living and abiding in peace only occurs in this eternal moment.

Satsang Sangha

I have created a Satsang Sangha as a support group for those of us who are truly committed to living at peace with consciousness-life unfolding. We are all shining through each of these apparently separate, unique and authentic human forms with their own programming, gifts and lessons..

So I hope to meet you one day here or there along the way.

Magical Flutes & Mantras for Peace in Palmwoods

Satsang Sunday at our retreat ‘Mangalam’ in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland  in Australia.

Mindful Yoga & Meditation

Join us for classes at Mangalam Mindful Yoga & Music Retreat Palmwoods.

Or join me on one of my world adventures….Perhaps Tibet in 2020.