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Keep Mosquitoes Away: Secret Vitamin & Repellent

Mosquitoes are pesky and annoying at the best of times but they can also carry nasty guests. My son recently contracted Ross River Virus which is carried by mosquitoes. The female mosquito gets it from feeding on animals like wallabies and kangaroos and passes it on to humans.
It causes nasty flu-like symptoms with swollen lymph nodes and painful swelling of the joints. It can leave you very depleted if not dealt with properly. So take care of your diet and seek advise if you contract it. It seems crazy that some people (like myself) don’t seem to get bitten much at all. In fact the mozzies seem to avoid me and feast of my friends, poor darlings. ¬†

So what’s my secret?

It has been shown Vitamin B1 or thiamine helps repel these pesky little critters. I have always put this down to the fact that I take a magnesium supplement (due to low magnesium in Australian soils) with added B complex vitamins semi-regularly. I also eat ¬†plenty of Vitamin B1 rich foods like fresh organically raised eggs, brown rice and nuts. Magnesium is also extremely important for muscular relaxation, bone health, and stress levels and so many other bodily functions. But my point here is that the vitamin B1 in it helps keep mosquitoes away. This is GREAT NEWS if your a magnet for mozzies. You can purchase a Vitamin B1 (or Thiamine) supplement on its own, but I encourage you to get a good B complex and take it through the summer months when mosquitoes are busy trying to collect your blood. Mosquito repellents and coils are highly toxic and easily absorbed into your bloodstream via your skin. Many of these toxins can build up in your system and your poor liver will have to deal with them. With so many toxins in our environment why add more on your body. Here is my recipe for you and your friends, It is pure and clean with therapeutic Grade Young Living Essential Oils and it smells GREAT. En JOY and please leave your comments below. Namaste….Soraya I am an Independent distributer of Young Living Essential Oils and Health products. Number 540882 See more on essential oils here

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