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Global Satsang: Freedom from Mental Patterns

Freedom From Mental Patterns

Podcast with Soraya Saraswati

We all seek freedom from the mental patterns of our monkey mind. We crave the relief and freedom from our mental patterns that peaceful presence offers. When we feel fully present with what is, peace is a natural state. In the experience of presence there is no resistance to the flow of consciousness.

Tools such as self-inquiry and silent meditation like we are using here in Satsang can be very helpful. They are helpful reminders that point us back to the truth of who we are. However when we are free in the moment – nothing else is needed. We are cured – if only for a moment.

There are ways/methods of attaining ‘no mind’ such as by singing mantras, practicing meditation, surfing, yoga, tai-chi, extreme sports, alcohol or drugs. There are both healthy and very unhealthy ways to ‘get out of our mind’. However the question we must ask ourselves is; Is that experience lasting?  Very often once the practice is finished we go straight back to mental anguish again. We may even get stuck in a cycle of seeking another fix. This how addiction can happen.

Peaceful Presence is simply being with what is in the moment.

When we see clearly we are not the mind, not the body, and let go of limited identification expansion can occur. There is a falling/dropping into presence with a feeling of expansion to the spaciousness of consciousness as consciousness itself. Consciousness without an object.

We experience ‘what is’ …whatever that may be in the moment. And we become aware of the extraordinary ordinary…we see that life is beautiful.

When we have seen through all the I-dentifications and we are no longer seeking… we are free.

Terry Oldifeld’s Song There’s Nothing Wrong At All  says it all. Enjoy the music.

The Healing Mirror Podcast

Offers discussions, global satsangs and interviews.. Soraya speaks with other free thinking spiritual teachers, philanthropists, awake and inspirational humans.

The philosophy discussed here lies at the truth of all great traditions. From Non-Duality, Advaita, Vedanta to Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Zen, the Yogic Vedas etc.

The healing mirror is designed to support self-inquiry and questioning necessary to discover the truth. The aim is to clear confusion so we may live on soul purpose knowing we are consciousness itself as I am presence. So as I am presence we may then become a vessel for the greater good.

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