Terry Oldfield & Soraya

Terry Oldfield and Soraya

Terry Oldfield and Soraya are open to invitation to play and share in Concerts, Retreats and Satsangs.
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Music From The Heart

It is a great joy for me to share my love of mantra and music with my beloved in our band Terry Oldfield and Soraya. Terry is a master flute player composer and  together share our music for peace. 

Songs and Mantras for Peace

Terry and I play our original culturally inspired Songs. This includes Celtic as well as ancient Sanskrit Mantras. We sing for peace and encourage all to sing with us.

Terry’s Soaring Flute Magic

We love ancient mantras from all cultures and weave their magical tonal language in our music. Terry’s famous flute mastery strikes right to the heart. He is truly a master.

On The Road

Since 2005 we have been traveling globally sharing our love and music in concerts, workshops and retreats and produced 8 albums together.

Find Our Music

Visit spotify  and find our cd’s and downloads.

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati
soraya saraswati

2 thoughts on “Terry Oldfield and Soraya”

  1. Hola buenos días, podrían enviarme la letra de la canción “forever one”.
    La he buscado por mucho tiempo. Muchas gracias.

    1. Namaste Ernesto,
      Thank you for your message, we are glad you like this song.
      Here are the words. The mantra is Gayatri and very ancient. It is a prayer or mantra calling the light into our consciousnes.
      Terry and I wrote the English.
      GAYATRI MANTRA – Forever One

      WE ARE   ONE   IN   THE   LIGHT
      WE ARE   ONE

      English   words   by   Terry   &   Soraya
      Recorded   on   albums   “Forever   One”   &   “Peaceful   Hearts”

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