Let me introduce my partner in life and music Terry Oldfield.  Terry and I  share our original ‘Songs and Music for Peace’ in concerts and events globally. We love ancient mantras from all cultures and weave there magical tonal language into our music encouraging audience participation. Terry is of course known for his magical flute music which strikes right to the heart.

Terry Oldfield and SorayaTerry has had a long and successful career as a Composer and Musician working for the BBC and also as an independent artist. He is especially known for his soul stirring flute and compositions with the sounds of nature. Terry has had the honour of working with David Attenborough on many occasions in wildlife programs. He is perhaps best known for his meditation, relaxation and inspirational music.

Terry moved to Australia in 2001 where we met at one of my yoga and meditation classes… after which we became close friends and began to write music together. Two years later we married here on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the past 10 years we have traveled globally sharing concerts, workshops and retreats and produced 7 albums together. Visit the shop and find our cd’s and downloads.

We love to encourage open hearted audience participation with our songs and mantras and create a sacred space where people can feel connected and experience a sense of inner peace. We are always open to invitation to come and play in your part of the world in concerts, at retreats and gatherings.