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Terry Oldfield & Soraya Music

Terry Oldfield & Soraya

Terry Oldfield has had a long and successful  musical career as both a composer and an artist. Working on film music with the BBC and composing over 36 albums of his own. His signature instrument, the flute, features in his compositions. With no formal musical lessons he has developed his own unique style of playing.

Terry Oldfield lived in the Stroud area for 20 years before moving to Australia where he met and married Soraya Saraswati. Soraya is a facilitator, mentor and singer with a passion for supporting others to awaken to their true being. Through spoken and vocal voice she is an inspiration to many.

“When we met our love of music and my love of ancient mantra combined to open a new doorway for both of us. Soon we were traveling, playing and performing together. At first was a huge challenge for me! Terry was such an accomplished musician and I simply loved singing mantras with groups and in my classes. Yet it just seemed to flow for us.” 

Terry and Soraya have gone on to travel the world sharing their music, mantra and meditation retreats. Terry’s amazing flute magic is transformative to say the least. And with his prior musical families history Terry and Soraya are supported by beautiful  people, often in far flung exciting destinations.

Divine Flutes & Sacred Songs

Terry and Soraya share original culturally inspired Songs. This includes inspirational English and Celtic songs and ancient Sanskrit Mantras. Terry’s famous flute mastery strikes right to the heart.

On The Road

Since 2005 we have been traveling globally sharing our love and music in concerts, workshops and retreats and produced 8 albums together.  Check out their Australian, UK and European home concerts here

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Terry Oldfield and Soraya

Get in touch

Terry Oldfield and Soraya are open to invitation to play and share in Home Concerts, Events, Retreats and workshops.

Check out Terry’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL for great music video.

             Music From the Heart


5 thoughts on “Terry Oldfield and Soraya”

  1. Hola buenos días, podrían enviarme la letra de la canción “forever one”.
    La he buscado por mucho tiempo. Muchas gracias.

  2. Namaste Ernesto,
    Thank you for your message, we are glad you like this song.
    Here are the words. The mantra is Gayatri and very ancient. It is a prayer or mantra calling the light into our consciousnes.
    Terry and I wrote the English.
    GAYATRI MANTRA – Forever One

    WE ARE   ONE

    English   words   by   Terry   &   Soraya
    Recorded   on   albums   “Forever   One”   &   “Peaceful   Hearts”

  3. So bad! nobody sang with you !!! I would be the first and only one if I was there! I gave my Life to God few months ago and this song reflects so well, in so many points, how much we give ourselves body and soul to God. HE is in charge of everything, HE leads us completely. I’m almost 30 and I am so grateful to the Out of the Depths/ De Profundis album (1993), which was, initially; totally devoted to God (I didin’t know when I was 5!! My first language is French). This album reflects also how much the whole creation; including whales and humans, are related to each other. Today, whales are also suffering, in the Depths … much more than ever. Because of us humans, but we still have the light and the capacity to really make a choice; there is the white or the black; not the grey. Every think can change for the best if only everyone would let God lead completly. Thank you for the beauty you bring into the hearts; for sure God is using both of you to speak. Blessings and gratitude from Quebec (Canada) !
    Olivia D

  4. Namaste Olivia, People did sing with us, many people. This recording was taken straight from the microphones and sadly did not includes the audience. Thank you for your appreciation. Let us hold that love and peace will prevail. And that the goodness of God as consciousness awakens more and more to live as love…. Soraya

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