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The Master Cleanse

Spring Cleansing

Spring Cleaning and this master cleanse is best done in warmer weather. It eliminates bodily toxins, rests the mind and allow spiritual reflection. Our body begins to feel lighter and need less food to keep our body temperature balanced. Spring heralds the throwing off of our coats and heavy clothes and there is a Spring in our step as the flowers begin to bloom and the birds nest. Of course for all my dear friends in the Northern Hemisphere you are now in the throws of the cold and the reverse is true. For us Australian’s in the warmer climate, cleansing, detoxing or fasting prior to the Christmas Season or after it makes a lot of sense.

Old Unhealthy Eating Habits

Many people seesaw between overeating and indulging in toxic food then swing into a detox or diet. This is an invitation or opportunity to transform your lifestyle. To honour your body and the planet in every way. Often I find people on a spiritual path neglect their body and focus on mind and emotions. This is unhealthy. Your body is the chariot or temple of your soul. As such should be honoured and kept clean. This way you maintain the highest possible vibration. Your body is the barometer of your soul and if strong and healthy you can be of greater service to  global consciousness.

Once A Year Master Cleanse

Once or Twice a year I  do a 10 day Complete Cleanse or Master Cleanse, when I am not travelling. My husband Terry usually joins me as it is easier to share the experience. We inspire each other on so to speak. The first Cleanse Terry did with me he found very difficult and for a few days painful with headaches and physical pain as his body released toxins. However I am very happy to say this time around he enjoyed the whole experience without any pain. Years of a healthy lifestyle and diet and gentle detoxing have paid off for him.

My Spring 2012 Experience 

Please note * seek a doctors advice if you are taking medications as all medications and vitamins etc are stopped during this particular cleanse. I do offer other cleanses and detox diets – and they can be tailored to personal needs.

The Master Cleanse was developed by Stanley Burroughs (1903-1991) in the 1940’s – it is also known as the Lemonade Diet.

Some History  of this regime 

In 1976 Burroughs presented his diet in a book, The Master Cleanser, by which time he was promoting the diet not only for ulcers, but for weight loss and “every kind of disease,” claiming it would lead to “the correction of all disorders.”

I am not sure about this however what I do know is that by ceasing the eating of solid food we can rest the digestive system and give our body time to heal and rejuvenate itself. Our bodies are ‘truly miraculous’ and can indeed heal themselves if given the right environment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So cleansing of the flesh and spirit is recommended to clear karma and live a loving fully abundant life. I often offer 3 daily soul purpose consultations during the first 3 days of a detox so that we can clear as much as possible in this way.

The Master Cleanse is a liquid mono-diet that cleanses and detoxifies the body as it stimulates healthy tissue growth. It consists of fresh lime or lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water and drunk 6-12 times a day. A glass is made in this way. 2 tablespoons of Lemon/lime juice, 2 tablespoons of Organic high grade Maple Syrup, 1/10 Tspoon of Organic Cayenne Pepper. Take 6 to 12 glasses each day as required.

Laghoo Shankaprakshalana

A herbal laxative tea is taken twice a day, or you can take a salt water cleanse in the mornings (Laghoo Shankaprakshalana) and no other food is consumed. In this way toxins are thrown off via the bowel and through the kidneys. Extra water and herb teas may be taken. It is a must to keep the bowels open. I also suggest daily skin brushing, yoga, meditation and walking. Keep your skin clean.

This regimen that can be followed for 10 days, and may also be safely extended to 40 or more days, depending upon a persons physical condition.

Because the lemonade drink is easily assimilated, it places little or no demand on the digestive system. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is a powerful cleanser for the body, and is also high in vitamins.

Is Lemon Acidic

People often ask if the lemon is acidic – On the contrary once digested Lemon is Alkalising to the body and this is very important to the healing process.  It also contains  nutrition such as vitamin C and many minerals.

Breaking up Mucous

Lemon also helps loosen and break up mucus in the body. Mucus is one of the body’s defences to protect it self against irritations. When too much mucus settles in any one area, dis-ease is the natural outcome.

Lemon is bright Yellow – the colour of cleansing – Limes are green – the colour of healing – notice the colours on this blog and how they make you feel.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, another key ingredient of the diet, breaks up this mucous and acts as a cleanser for the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. It is used by herbalists to treat a wide range of problems and to enhance the effectiveness of many other herbs.

Maple Syrup

The maple syrup provides energy and calories from an unprocessed digestible sugar which still contains many of its original nutrients, ensure it is organic dark canadian maple syrup not the sugar form often sold in Australia.

The absence of minerals and vitamins in processed sugars makes the digestive system rob the body of these precious nutrient stores in order to metabolise the sugars. If too many processed foods are eaten, the pancreas seems to one of the first organs affected, often resulting in hypoglycaemia and then further deterioration of the pancreas. This can lead to mood swings and further dis-ease.

Prepare Before Cleansing

Prior to the Cleanse over a week or so reduce food intake, quit coffee, cigarettes, stimulants, alcohol and processed foods. This is an opportunity to change your whole life and reprogram your eating habits and thus Tongue, Taste Buds and Stomach Intake Amount.

Prior to The Cleanse

I eat lightly salads, fruits  and steamed vegetables only for the days prior to my cleanse. I free up my diary so I have time to rest and let my body, mind and spirit cleanse. I rest, practice Yoga Nidra, spend quiet time in nature and observe the experience. It’s a great time for self-inquiry.

Body Mind and Spirit can be Detoxed.

In the first 3 days you may see some detox symptoms – headache, nausea and tiredness. This is fairly normal, just know it is all good. I am past this now as I detox regularly and my system is pretty clean.   

NOTE:   daily the bowel must be kept open during the cleanse, this will reduce unpleasant symptoms.

You can change your health for the better.

Ending Your Master Cleanse

Ending a detox of any kind is very important. It should be done slowly with small amounts of juice and food.

The first day orange juice is recommended. With vegetable broth at night. Vegetable Broth is alkalising and cleansing but also very nourishing. 

The second day vegetable broth and some small fruits like paw paw. A light salad for lunch and vegetable soup at night. 

Slowly get back into your eating regime with a whole new healthy outlook. Avoid deep fried foods, sugar, highly processed foods and wheat for some time. 

I hope you will feel fantastic.

Below are my Facebook posts from my recent Master Cleanse.

Day 1 of the master cleanse. My will power is here to take my through this self-loving cleansing process. I rested most of the day with no demands upon me, feeling good.I used a gentle laxative tea last  night  and sea salt cleanse this morning to clear the bowels. My goal is to loose 3 kg I put on while on tour this year.

This is an amazing cleanse to keep the body Alkaline, remove toxic residue from the bowel and release extra weight and increase the vitality of the body by giving the digestive system a well earned rest. It also gives so much more time in the day for other things – In that quiet space I can tune into my Mental, Emotional and Spiritual self and do some fine tuning. Feeling Inspired and Clear. If you are ready for a cleanse to release all you have worked with over this amazing year I am open for consultations …. ♥

 Day 2 – I had a little slight headache as my body was releasing, no chai – hmm my body felt that my one little daily treat. However I managed a public talk on cleansing and essential oils and worked all day. I used peppermint YL essential oil on my feet, and Peace & Calming Young Living Blend on the back of my neck. Beautiful

Day 3 of the Master Cleanse – feeling good – I did Laghoo Shankaprakshalana, a Yogic cleansing of the gut this morning to clear the colon – feeling a little spaced 🙂 but hey it is Saturday so I have let myself chill out to the gentle rain which is so very welcome. It has been a gentle day with very happy birds ‘singing in the rain’.

Enjoying herb tea’s with lemonade drinks. Been taking young living’s inner defense (Young Living) also to release any Candida.

OK Day 5of the Master Cleanse and I am feeling GREAT. I had a deep meditation and did my prayer work – with all my cleanses I find addressing the cleansing of Mind, Emotions and Spirit

as an integral part of the process.

A wonderful time to release our Karma and connect with Divine Will. I feel 2013 is a very powerful opportunity for us all to claim our personal power with clarity, integrity and joyful purpose. So releasing what is no longer needed is important.

I even went for a jog for 1km up and down Dale. Yoga and inner bowel cleansing with salt water Laghoo- and on with a beautiful day. The sun is shining and my vision is clear and bright. It is good to be alive.

DAY 6 – feeling great, meditation yoga, sunbath and jog in the morning – so much more time in the day without cooking meals. Good energy all day for work and gave a beautiful raindrop session to a friend – no sign of hunger.

Day 7 – a big day today giving a lecture on Essential Oils and their use in health and healing body mind and spirit with a beautiful group of people. It seems like there is lots of gatherings and much sharing this week.

There was delicious food however I was not tempted. My energy has been great all day. Feeling peacefully tired now. I have a full day event tomorrow where everyone will be having a great lunch at the Enlightened Goddesses Day however I am taking my lemon juice and maple syrup and I am sure it will be a great day. My body feels deeply relaxed and fulfilled. I have been working on my on-line courses coming up next year where international students can attend also. So much sharing of the love. sweet. ♥

DAY 10 of the Master Cleanse – I have not posted the last few days as I have been busy with clients and the Goddess Event, which was wonderful, just a bit tricky with my lemon juice and maple watching the delicious resort meals come out at lunch time. A test of my will power. I am feeling great. I have lost 3 kg, my goal weight I have a 1/2 kg to go. The wonderful thing with this cleanse in you only loose what you need to and no more. I was a bit tired after to big days out in a row, but am resting today. Feeling peaceful and enjoying the lightness and clarity. Terry is a few days behind me so I think I will do any extra day to make it 11. A great number to end on.

ENDING THE CLEANSE – Coming of a detox of any kind is VERY important – I will have orange juice today and tomorrow oranges and Vegetable Broth. The third day will be fruit Paw-Paw in the morning, salad for lunch and Vegetable soup (homemade organic) at night. It is really important not to eat too much as the stomach has shrunk and it is a perfect opportunity to begin your diet afresh with mostly organic fresh fruits and vegetables. 


Some fish or organic chicken can be eaten after the first week of eating. Avoid red meat as it is heavy, takes a long time to digest and ferments in the gut. A Healthy Sensible Organic Vegetarian Diet with some light white organic fish and chicken if desired is most recommended.


7 thoughts on “The Master Cleanse”

  1. Hi Soraya,

    After reading this post you have inspired both my husband and myself to do the Master Cleanse. I had never even heard of it before so this feels huge! I have managed to get some good quality maple syrup from Coles – after scouring all the local health food shops I found it at the best price in Coles supermarket. I bought Queen 100% Pure Maple Canadian Syrup Certified Organic. Apparently the darker the syrup the better, 100% organic with no added sugars. The organic Cayenne pepper and lemons I got from the local health food store. So I’m set to go. Currently on the Ease-In process and will start the lemonade drink on Monday.

    Thank you Soraya for sharing your experience and opening up your world to inspire others 🙂

    Warmest regards,

  2. Hello Angela,
    thank you for your feedback, and feel free to continue to post and I can keep in touch. Yes the darker organic Canadian Maple syrup is best and Queen is a fine example. Ease in slowly and make sure you keep the bowels open with a laxative herbal tea or cap. The salt water cleanse of drinking 3-5 cups of salted water every second day or when you can flushes out the bowel beautifully removing any crusting from the bowel wall.

    Good Luck and be gentle on yourself,
    Have as many drinks as you need to feel comfortable.
    with Love Soraya

  3. Wow… I decided to do the cleanse myself for the first time and was wandering if the laxative was really necessary and if I could replace with doing Laghoo daily instead in the morning? What would you suggest?

    PS I found it amazing that an Angela also started today!

  4. Hello Angela, Yes how about that 2 Angela’s. I like Laghoo best myself, however it depends on your lifestyle as Laghoo is best done in the morning and if you have to go to work it can be inconvenient. The most important thing is that you clear the bowels 2-3 times daily. The flush is great as it cleans the walls of the bowel as well as gets the peristalsis of the bowel going. Please keep in touch, I’d love to hear how you go.
    Best Wishes Soraya

  5. Hi Soraya,

    Very interesting article. All the right inspiration for me
    to get started on this. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    Can you recommend a laxative tea that is available here in
    Coles/Wollies ?

    Best Regards

  6. Hello Priya,

    Sorry for my late reply I have been away. I use Hilde Hemmes laxative tea bags – they are very strong – I am a small person and 1/2 cup did me.
    The Salt water flush is fantastic also especially if you know Laghoo ShankaPrakshalana – the Yogic Cleansing exercises.
    Good Luck
    best wishes Soraya

  7. Hello Angela,

    Even one or two days on the master cleanse can be helpful. It is strong and takes great will power. I hope you went well.
    Best wishes Soraya

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